Monday, 30 December 2013

What Did I Get For Christmas :)


Well considering that I did not want anything this year I done pretty well. During the year , if I wanted anything I would go and buy it myself so when asked I never knew what I wanted.

There is a mixture of beauty/fashion and other presents.

I asked for every day items like leggings but I never thought I would get as much as I did.

This year I was at my dad's for the first part of Christmas and I Love dad's house; open fire , lovely area and their movie collection. Ha.

I really needed makeup storage as mine was getting out of control. From watching youtubers , I found a website called muji. Its a great website for storage all around the house. So I ordered two items , one big with two drawers and another which was smaller. Now I know that that is kind of ordering my own presents but dad said that he would have rather me order what I need than him ordering something that I did not wanted.

Along the same lines , he got me a brush holder which goes on top of the big drawers.

Next Dad got me was DVDs and I had not seen them yet. I love minions and I want one. Like seriously. I'm not joking :)

Dad , also , got me a £50 new look voucher which would come in very handy , so thank you for that.

 His mum and dad or my nan and granddad got me money which I'm very grateful for.

The second part of Christmas was with my mum.

When I got home , there was three piles of presents , one for me and the rest for my step brother and sister.

I got some leggings which I really needed and some Jack Wills jogging bottoms. They are my first pair due to being put off them for different reasons. I love them , they are so comfy.

Next I got was the One Direction DVD . I'm sorry if your not a fan but I love them and when I got this I freaked out. I saw it twice at my local cinema with my friends.

I , also , got a 1D calendar so I'm happy.

Ohh and a singing toothbrush which annoys everyone but I love it. Yes I'm nearly 16 years old :)

Next , I got some non-heat hair curlers in the shape of love hearts.

I got some PJs. My favourite animal is giraffe so I Loved these. They are comfy as.


My mum'm mum got me some cosy pjs too and some money.

From my aunty and uncle , I got Three fashion books which are really helpful for my projects. ( the sewing book is from my mum)

I Got ,also, the Little Mix album from my uncle and aunty. So thank you for them.

My cousin got my real technique brushes with the case. I'm going to use them loads so that's great.

From my mum's partner , He got us the Brand new curlers from babylis. They are amazing and I have gotten so many complements from lots of people saying how nice my hair looked. They are very expensive around £180 but they are really worth every penny.

They work by basically sucking up your hair and then it beeps when its read and out comes a perfect curl. ( sorry for the poor picture )

From my mum's best friend , I got Umberto Giannini hair products. She's amazing at buying presents and this year she has not disappointed. I love the backcomb in a bottle :) So thank you for them. Its ,also, came in I really lovely tin.

Now this is something that I brought for myself which I know is really sad but I needed a reason to buy it. I brought myself some MAC makeup.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and if you don't celebrate it then I hope that you had a lovely day :)

have a happy new year

Gee x

Winter Hot Chocolate


This posted is not really a fashion or a beauty as you can tell from the title but I thought during the winter one of the best things is to sit down watch a movie and snuggle of the sofa.

I am about to show/tell you how to make your very own hot chocolate .


*Chocolate of your choice ( Mine - White and two types of white)
* Milk
* Cinnamon ( if wanted)

You may want to add marshmallows or any chocolate you want :D

* Saucepan
* Mug
* Spoon


1) Using your chosen mug , measure how much milk you want.

2) Place this in the saucepan ready for later on.

3) Prepare your chocolate so its ready for use ( this step is needed so when milk is on heat it does not burn)

4) Place the filled saucepan on the lowest heat on the hob ( You may need an adult)
5) Keep on stirring milk so it does not burn

6) If you wanted to add spice , this is the step :) I added cinnamon to mine

7) Carrying on stirring, add chocolate.

8) Continue stirring until chocolate has melted. You should notice a colour change :)

9) When all is mixed and melted , pour carefully into your mug :)

Here is the finishing product :) I added some malt-teasers as decoration but you could add whipped cream or marshmallows

Hope you enjoyed this for a change. Let me know what you put in your hot chocolate :)

Gee x


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Getting Ready | Eye Makeup


I find that most people make more of an effort than normal on Christmas , well I do. I thought that most people like to have nice make up to go with their outfit. I believe that I have provided an eye makeup look which can go with any outfit.

Overall, this look is a silver eye with a small amount of smokey-ness in the outer corner.


While I was deciding which eye look to do , I found an eye palette with no name or brand so that was a lot of help. But I believe its quite an easy colour to find a match for.

I used this Grey/ silver colour as the base for my look. I used a simple Body Shop eye shadow brush to complete this look. ( THE FIRST COLOUR IN PALETTE - FURTHEST AWAY FROM BRUSH)

Then I used my French connection eye palette , this colour have a shimmer to it. I used this colour to create a smokey look. I placed this on the dip in my eye. I created a small V shaped and because I'm waiting for new eye brushes , used a cotton bud to blend. This method works just as well.

Then from the same palette , I used the cream/ white to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. This brightens the eye up.

That was simple , however , to make a more dramatic statement I used my Umberto Giannini Panited Lady Feliner to create a small flick along the top of my lashes. This was a small line as I wanted to make my lashes look thicker than normal.


Next adding my Maybelline New York Volume Express mascara , I make my lashes longer and thicker. I , also, added this on my bottom lashes too.

Whilst completing this eye look , I thought of how simple this was. I love this look as it makes your eyes look massive. People will think that you have spent ages on your makeup.

Let me know If you like the look :) Also, what your makeup looks are for Christmas:)


Gee x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Look Book


I thought that since I usually post on Mondays , that I would do a post early due to Christmas eve eve ( yes that's an actually thing ) being on a Monday. I wanted to do a look book for Christmas and I thought that posting Christmas Eve would not be the best as I wanted to do a Christmas Getting Ready Eye Makeup. Hope that was not too confusing.

Now finding a Christmas outfit whether it be a party or family get together, finding that one perfect outfit is a challenge. I'm personally having a Family get together which will be great and I'm looking forward to it.

I want an outfit which is comfy but looks like I'm making an effort. One of the following outfits is going to be what I want to wear on Boxing day, I'm also spending that day with my family as we have like three days with my family.

Some of the following , I can't remember the price nor where I might have got it from but please ask if I don't give the information you need :)


The first outfit is for the classic Christmas party. There's quite a bit of tummy on show but I would match it will a black blazer, I do have one but I forget to go and get it. I matched a simply crop top with bold patterned trousers. The shoes have small detail , a gold buckle, but they are simple. I would wear bold gold coloured jewellery ,maybe a chucky necklace.

Next, is more of a dinner outfit, I matched skinny legged trousers with a gold top. This simple outfit requires no effort but looks like you have. The top is sequined only on the front and the back is plain. Its super comfortable and ideal for the Christmas dinner. Its perfect will flats and the main attraction is the bold top so no jewellery is really needed.

Daytime Christmas outfit , for me , would be this simple blue skater dress. The sleeves have a leather feel to them and comes with a black belt. I would wear this very simple shoes and maybe add some black tights.

The humble Christmas jumper, This is not actually mine because I don't own one. Well I do but its not Christmassy , I just wear it around that time. This is my mums and it has a reindeer on it ( as shown) she usually matches it will jeans and a scarf.


Now I have decided to wear my new skirt with thick black tights and a jumper. The scarf is from Boohoo and it arrived that day so I thought I would throw it in there. I have asked for another jumper this Christmas as the one in the photo is massive on me.

I plan on wearing this boxing day but I don't know what I'm getting for Christmas yet as I know that my parents have been in Jack Wills recently so I'm hoping that they have got me something from there:)

Well that's some of the outfits that I feel work for the Christmas period and I hope that you have gotten some ideas of Christmas outfits:)

Let me know what your outfit ideas are:)

Gee x

Monday, 16 December 2013

My Make-up Bag | Key Essentials #1


I thought with Christmas coming up that every make-up bag needs to have the essentials so that your favourite make-up look can be achieved.

I have said about these products before but not really reviewed them in much detail.

So to start this long Process , I am going to begin with probably my favourite makeup brand, Rimmel London and their Match Perfection foundation. This product is a great base for any makeup and there are lots of shades. I'm is in the shade of Ivory as my skin is medium. It has great coverage and blends into your skin so easy. I sometimes use a real techniques foundation brush , however , I usually use a make-up sponge to apply. You don't need a massive amount of the product. I would totally go and check the different shades of the foundation if you don't think that your personal foundation is not good enough.

Next , Its the Wake me up concealer (Rimmel London). I use this under my eyes all the time as its blends and works so well. It helps your eyes look brighter and more awake. You only need a small amount to blend around your eye. Its a great primer if you don't own one (blend over eye and use a loose powder and you have made a primer). It does have an applier but there's usually to much product to blend with , I personally use my finger or you can buy an concealer brush to blend.

For my favourite make-up brand this is the last product of theirs, its the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This is a life saver and will probably be my favourite product in my makeup bag. Its great to put over your foundation to give a lasting finish on your skin. I would recommend this every time.  My shade is Peach glow.

Next is a girls best friend when in need of a tan, its a W7 Bronzer Powder. I love the appearance of this product. It has different shades of browns and pinks in the shape of leopard print. Its amazing ! The colours bend together really well and I love to use this all over my face instead of just on my cheek bones. Mine is running out so it does not really show the design as well.

My eye brows are the bane of my life , they need to be cared for all the time. I have got this product by Technic called Complete Brow kit. It includes two different shades of brown and a skin colour for around the brow. Also, it has a clear gel which you put over. The product is great if your brows need care. I blend the shades to get the shade I want but you can do whatever. The brush it comes with is not the best but its great for shaping the brow. I believe that using an eye shadow type for the eyebrow is so much better and makes a more natural look.

Next, the Maybelline New York Colossal Volume Express Mascara. Its great for volume and really lengthens the lashes to give a flirty eye. The only problem is that it can smudge really easy but that's the only thing I have found wrong with it.

I have different blushes for different times of the year and occasions. I previously used my Avon Blush to add a light pink blush, but today I will review the Beauty UK Blush. This is quite a bright pink on the palette but on the skin is quite a warm pink. This is a great colour for winter. The range is quite cheap compared to others and has loads of different shades.

I have recently discovered at lipstick which is an amazing shade of berry. Its the Natural Collection Berry Blush. I Love how the shade is warm on the skin and is amazing on the lips. Its from their Moisture Shine range and works so well. I have been using it for school and is amazing for the cold winter.

That's my personal essentials for my makeup bag. Hope this helped it some ways :)

What's you Key essentials for your make up bag?

Gee x