Monday, 27 January 2014

Fashion TAG


So I was looking at different blogs and I saw this tag which I thought I would do it too.

So here it is...

1. How would you describe your style ??

Errrmmm.. Probably a mixture between girly  and boyish. As some days all I wear is skirts and jeans and others I'm in a dress or a skirt. Weird , I know.

2. What are your wardrobe staples ??

Personally Leggings , a Peter Pan Collar top and a jumper , matched with boots .... This is my winter/Autumn style.

I change my essentials all the time.

3. Most expensive item in your closet

I don't really know. I'm more of a high street girl more than a designer. But I love fashion , it's just I cant afford it. ha.

4. Most wanted item

I love clothes and I want everything that I see, ha. But at the moment there's a couple of bits and pieces. First , a coloured coat , like this one from Topshop. Secondly, a skort because I recently brought some boots and it would go great with them. Well that's all I can think of right now..

5.  Favourite designer

This is hard like really hard. But recently I've been loving Burberry and Dolce and Gabbanna. Burberry recently had a fashion show and I loved some of their pieces. D&G have had a collection out called Moscic which I have been liking too. The shoes on the right , I adore.

6. How much do you spend on clothes?

Monthly around £40 and usually that's without fail because I live around one minute from the nearest shopping high street but its not the best one at that.

7. What are your favourite places to shop?

Well either Topshop or New Look. But I usually like to look in most shops and if I see anything that I like and is in my price range , I may purchase it.
Online stores , I like BooHoo .... lots. I'm always looking on there.

8.  Favourite fragrance

Don't really have one. I'm like my mum and nan , I have a different fragrance for different reasons. Example , school I wear GoldDigga Gold because its a light scent.

9. What's your favourite way to do our hair?

I usually wear my hair down for school but if its a sports day or a hot day then like this. It's not very clear but its a messy high pony tail. Quick and easy.

10. What is your go to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?

Well, at the moment especially thick black tights and a loose dress with a peter pan collar. I pair this is flats. ( dress-BooHoo , Shoes-New Look and Tights- Primark)

11. One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay

I hope that the oversized coat stays in fashion because I love them so much. Plus they suit pretty much everyone. I have seen people like Tanya Burr and Velvetgh0st wearing them.

( picture at question 4 )

12. Show us your most prized possession in your wardrobe

When I was younger , I got brought a dress from Jane Norman and to most they would think nothing of it but I adore it. I love how its fitted at the top. BONUS... I still fit in it ... WOAH!!

Hope you enjoyed this. I thought that I have been doing lots of Beauty so I thought that Fashion was needed.

Gee x


Monday, 20 January 2014

Self Made Pamper Day

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I had done a Pamper day before Christmas but I wanted to wait to publish it. I was watching a Youtuber and they mentioned about how they were having a pamper day themselves. So this got me thinking about how I would love to have one myself. They were using big high end brand names and I thought that instead of going out and buying products that I could make some products myself.

I'm going to show you how I made three products. I will review them and hopefully you can copy or get some ideas for your every own pamper day :)

First product was a body scrub , my skin was been quite dry due to the harsh British winter weather. I found a range of websites which had loads of different recipes to help your skin , however none which had ingredients that I either had in my kitchen or could quick pop down to the shop to buy.

I found a mixture of two easy to find/buy that made a body scrub which helps your skin.
* Olive Oil
* Sugar

Hopefully the images are helpful , however , I will explain the best way I can.

1) In a container , add any amount of sugar
2) Add a small amount of olive oil to sugar
3) Mix until all sugar is covered in oil
4) Ready to use


It was really nice on the skin and after I had finished drying off , my skin was defiantly smoother. Would totally recommend this for dry skin :)

Next was a face mask for black heads. Being a teenager , I have quite bad skin due to makeup and age. I researched into a facemask to help spots.

* Sugar ( 1 tablespoon)
* Water ( 2 tablespoons)
* Baking powder ( 3 tablespoons) OR baking soda ( 1 tablespoon)

1) Add water and sugar into a container
2) Add baking powder/soda , this will fizz and create bubbles
3) Mix until all fizzing
4) leave for about 30seconds to 1 minute , until a powder like form.
5) Apply to face or where you get most spots ( IMPORTANT- don't get in eyes or mouth)
6) Leave until you want to remove ( I left mine on for around about 10 minutes)


It works as my spots have reduced both in numbers and redness. However, while it was on
, my face felt funny. I can't explain how it felt funny but it did.

Lastly, My least favourite product I made. My hair was really bad and felt horrible before I done this, so I found a hair treatment called Olive Oil Treatment.


* Olive Oil ( 3 tablespoons)
* Cleat Honey ( 2 tablespoons)


1) Add honey to a container
2) Add Olive Oil as well
3) Mix well
4) Leave on for 15 Minutes
TIP IF USED: Wash hair thoroughly until all oil and honey is removed.


ITS HORRIBLE!! Well at first as least. My hair after was so greasy and horrible so I washed it out with a natural shampoo and conditioner also made of honey. It worked really well and my hair is so soft and feels amazing.

That's everything done and made ready for the pampering day. I ran a bath and added lots of bubbles and found some bath bombs and beads to add to the water.

So that's my pamper day done and I felt like I really needed it.

Hope you enjoyed my products and reviews , Let me know of your own creations and what you thought of mine :)

Gee x

Monday, 13 January 2014

Get Ready With Me | Meal with Family and Friends


So I was going out to a restaurant with my Mum and her friends and I thought that I would do a get ready with me whilst I was .. well getting ready.

I had lots of new make up to try so I thought that it would be a go time to test it. Some of the pieces I'm going to use are a mixture of high end and high street.

So first I used the Bourjois Primer happy and light to set my make up. Then continued to MAC Studio Fix in NC15 using my Real Techniques buffing brush which I ADORE SO MUCH!

I put this all over my face and used Benefit Perk UP Artist. This has three parts Concealer , Corrector and Brightener. I used all three , Concealer for blemishes , Corrector for later on for my Mascara and the Brightener also for later on for my cheeks.

Next for my eyes , I used a Barry M Eye Crayon in pink ( don't know if this still is available ) as a base.
 I put this all over my eye and then continued to use the two labelled colours shown. Its MAC but the shades don't have any names nor can I find it online. But please let me know if you know.

I used the Pink colour over the top which created a sparkle / glitter effect and I used the White in the inner corner of my eye to create a highlight.

As a bottom eyeliner I used Rimmel London Sandaleyes which is a Nude colour and really brightens the eye.


For the top I use Eyeko Skinny mini which is amazing. It's really thin nib and is a great liquid eye liner.


Next I used Rimmel London Wake Me UP Concealer under my eyes.

Coating my lashes , Max holidays by Bourjois. This is amazing and really works and expands my lashes.


For eyebrows , Technic complete brow kit. I used the middle shade.

Using Stay Matte to set me powder , I used an Avon Blush. I don't know the name of the blush as I've had this is long that the name is not really clear, sorry.


I didn't use bronzer as I wanted a Girly look.

For lips , I used Rimmel London Kate Collection , shade 101. I think I have used this before and I love the colour.


I wore a simple plain white V- neck top from Primark only a couple of pounds.

With my Forever 21 print trousers , I love these and they are great paired with a simple coloured top and it can be any colour.

Shoes , I was boring and wore my black Toms because they were comfy and I Love Toms. Also, I wore my gold colour chain from Forever 21.

I had a Lovely time and the meal was great. The place was pretty and had a thing for bubbles. This was one of the "pictures" , it is an image behind bubbles and lights. OH how great I'm I at describing this.

Let me know what you thought of my makeup and outfit? And what you favourite Products to use on a night out :)

Gee x

Monday, 6 January 2014

January Sale Items


I went shopping the day after boxing day with my mum's best friend. She's an amazing person to go shopping with as she finds all the bargains.

Not far from where I live , there's a massive shopping centre which has lots of big brands. We left early that morning to get there before everyone. I thought that people would have the same idea as us , however, I was wrong it was pretty empty considering how busy it got during the day.

The first shop was Boots , a big drugstore here in the UK. Having a massive half price sale on , people were grabbing two of everything. I found lots of products which I liked but I wanted to purchase things which I needed or defiantly wanted.

Rimmel London was a makeup window ( don't know what to call it ) in the store, they had a three for two sale on all Rimmel products. I got a Stay Matte in Peach Glow , this is my favourite shade and product. Its great for putting over your foundation.  The next product was a skin coloured eye liner , I use it on my bottom water line to brighten up my eyes. The free product I got was a pink nail varnish in Strawberry Fizz. I wore this colour for new year and its like a hot pink colour.

Next was Topshop, they had a half price sale but I could not find anything that I really liked so that was disappointing , however, I brought some blue and cream frilly socks. My favourite :)

Then off to Forever 21 , I love this shop not only for the clothes but the layout of the shop. Sounds weird but I like that they have tops and trousers separate and the jewellery in the centre; its just an easy layout. I really needed a new jumper and the one I found was £19 down to £13. It has two black strips on both sleeves. Its thick and cosy along with the front coming to my hips and the back stopping bottom back. I love how oversized it is. I ,also, got a gold chain to go with the jumper and the next item. It was £5.

To River Island, I got a gold and black crop top. The material is loose and thin. Being both loose and crop, I plan on wearing a mid-skirt or a pair of black trousers. It was only £8 in the sale , I'm not too sure what it was before.

I found out that there was a MAC store in one of the department stores. So I wanted to go and have a look into their foundation and I needed an eyebrow shadow. There was NO sale but I got NC15 studio fix foundation and Charcoal Brown shadow for my eyebrows. It's very dark but the perfect match , I'm saving both for special occasions and possible makeup tutorials.

Next New look, I found a really cute black dress with , like leather, material detail around the neckline. I has a visible zip at the back which stops low back and adds to the dress. It was only £9 down from £20-30 , I can't remember the price before the sale.

Then I went to a Bare Minerals store which had a mini sale. I wanted to get a highlighter  but instead I got a face powder which goes over your make up during the day to help your makeup. I have not used it yet but I am going to put it in my school bag and hand bag , just in case. It was £10 down from the £15+ mark.

That was all that I got from my shopping day , then I noticed that Boohoo had a massive sale. I got two items , one from the sale and the other not. The sale item was a peter pan collar top. The print is really interesting and I thought that I would not like as much as I do.

Next was a Over sized skater dress, I wanted a dress that I could relax it. It , also , has a peter pan collar ( seeing a pattern ;) ). I Love the colour and the contrasting collar.

They , also , had no post and packing fee , so go and check that out. They also ship world wide and I will leave a link below. ( Im not sure when it ends)

Web Address-->  Boohoo

That's all my sale items and I'm pleased with my purchases. Let me know if you got anything in the New Year sales :)

Gee x