Thursday, 14 July 2016

Freedom Pro Strobe Palette Review


I am a massive fan of both strobing and contouring! Superdrug brought a new brand to their website and I decided to purchase their contour palette and this came with a brush - all for only £10! LINK

The palette comes with three different shades of contour ( light to dark). The shades I would prefer to have more of a grey- ash undertone to make them suit my skin colour better. I find I mix light and medium to get my perfect shade and it works well as a mixture of a contour and bronze shade.

The top line is a mixture of a white powder shimmer , a banana like powder and cream powder. The white highlight like shade is too light to be a highlight for my skin tone however works well mixed with a liquid highlight. The banana like powder , I often use to set my concealer and I don't really use the cream coloured powder.

The brush is very thin and when ever I use it to contour especially, I have to use another brush to blend as it creates a straight line and I have found that you cant blend with it.

Overall, I like the palette and I feel that it is good for the price compared to the ABH palette. I have heard good things from the brand itself and I really want to try their strobing cream. The palette does come in cream form also.

Gee x

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