Thursday, 14 July 2016

Freedom Pro Strobe Palette Review


I am a massive fan of both strobing and contouring! Superdrug brought a new brand to their website and I decided to purchase their contour palette and this came with a brush - all for only £10! LINK

The palette comes with three different shades of contour ( light to dark). The shades I would prefer to have more of a grey- ash undertone to make them suit my skin colour better. I find I mix light and medium to get my perfect shade and it works well as a mixture of a contour and bronze shade.

The top line is a mixture of a white powder shimmer , a banana like powder and cream powder. The white highlight like shade is too light to be a highlight for my skin tone however works well mixed with a liquid highlight. The banana like powder , I often use to set my concealer and I don't really use the cream coloured powder.

The brush is very thin and when ever I use it to contour especially, I have to use another brush to blend as it creates a straight line and I have found that you cant blend with it.

Overall, I like the palette and I feel that it is good for the price compared to the ABH palette. I have heard good things from the brand itself and I really want to try their strobing cream. The palette does come in cream form also.

Gee x

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Red Collection


Its been a long time , hasn't it? My last post was February and its now the last day of June! I decided to take time off to focus on my last exams. But I now have the entire summer to myself with no commitments so I have decided to take some time to blog!

So I have been obsessed with buying lipsticks and I thought that I would show my existing red lip collection!

Left to Right

Clinique - Poppy Pop

MUA - Shade 1

Seventeen- Date Night

Seventeen- Rule Breaker

MAC- Russian Red

Dior- Ultra Gloss Flash 856

I have been loving a red lip especially for nights out with friends or either prom which I had recently. I feel that a red bold lip helps bring an outfit together and works well with a simple eye look also! My tip would be to ALWAYS use a lip liner to get a sharp line and I like to conceal around the top lip also.

So that's my red lip collection not including an mini lipsticks or liquid as I wish to write a separate post

Gee x

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Perfect Trio


So I have been absent from the blogging world recently due to school work. I have just started my exams and its my last year before university so I have concentrating on them.

It was my 18th birthday on Monday and I was truly spoilt by my family and friends. I may do a what I got for my birthday but I haven't finished doing my visiting ( not that I'm excepting anything)

However, I did get three MAC eye shadows to start my very own pallete.

They to me are the perfect three not only do they work together but separately as well

Wood Wink



These 3 eye shadows can be worn as a day look and as a night look.

I will keep you up dated with how my pallete goes including some of the looks I try out

Gee x

Monday, 18 January 2016

A Winter Essential


So I have been super busy with school and university that blogging has not been able to fit in. Where I have been stressed and worried about deadlines and interviews , my body has been taking the fall for it.

I'm tired all the time and the weather at the moment is so cold which is never a positive. But today's post is all about a little cheap product which at the minute is a life saver.

Its Superdrug's own Lip and Cold Sore Cream.

A while ago, my lips which incredible sore and i had beeen trying all the best known product ranging from remedies to the expensive lip balms. BUt this was the only product which helped them and I have found myself going back to it every time and during the winter it has become a vital part of my night routine.

At the minute, my lips are so sore and I thought that why not write a recommendation post. LIke it says on the packaging it's for cold sores and dry cracked lips. I use it for the latter but it does really work.

The product is super cheap and I have found that it works within a day or two. It has a thick consistance but thins out once applied to your lips. Also its great hand bag size.

Its an essential for me especially at the minute as my lips are so dry.

Let me know what products you use for when you have dry chapped lips or if you have even tried this product.

Gee x

Monday, 4 January 2016

Face of the Day


So I have had given myself some time from blogging during the christmas period due to having a mountain of school work as well as having a part time job.

But recently I have been more experimental with my makeup so I thought that I would show you my christmas day face. I wanted to use a red eyeshadow which I recently purchased.

However what is key with this makeup look is that there is no foundation. I was having a good skin day and I feel that no one on the internet highlights that having a good skin day doesn't need to have layers of foundation or makeup needed.

Smashbox Brow Trio 
Smashbox contour and bronze kit
Benefit Watts Up 
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer-- The tiniest amount for under my eyes
NYX Rust eyeshadow -- Wet brush and I heavily blended upwards towards the crease
Benefit Bad Gal Lash
Younique Lip liner 
MAC Mehr 

So that was my makeup for christmas day, I hope you all had a lovely christmas and enjoyed spending time with family and friends 

Gee x