Monday, 29 September 2014

Whats In My Travel Bag | Car Journey


I went to a party on the other side of the UK during the summer which was in total 4 hours there and the same back. For the ever so long journey, I packed a bag full to the brim of goodies and things so that I would not get bored.

The bag I used was my Vera Wang Bag which came with some perfume I brought for my dad ( he let me have the bag). I love the design and as you will see I got so much in it.

I didnt use it but I brought a book to read which is Jane Costello's The Wish List. I have not read it yet as im saving it for my holiday which is in a month. I did read though books on my ipad during the journey.

I didnt wear make up throughout the journey becuase I wasnt seeing anyone and we left early in the morning. So I brought with my a peel off face mask which i knew would not need washing off. I brought some makeup wet wipes in case the face decided that it was not going to get off my face.

I brought a spare pair of clothes with me which is lucky because I did drop chocolate down me.

We have a DVD player in our car which is build in and my mums partners daughter has an interesting taste in movies so I brought a portable DVD player and DVD to watch.

Because I didn't wear makeup , I brought some with me just in case. I just brought some essentials like powder , blusher, Mascara, gimme brow. In the makeup bag I also brought some hair bands and bobby pins. 

For food, Maoam Pinballs Tropical. Please correct me if I'm wrong but America doesn't  have these which is a massive shame because they are the best. These aren't like the normal favours like apple and cola but pineapple and many more.


Headphones. A massive must with any journey short or long. 

Perfume, nail file and hair brush.


And lastly a pillow.

So that's what was in my bag and I didn't need anything more. Hope you liked it 

Gee x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

False Lash Mascara | Product Wars


So I thought about doing a review on the Max factor false Lash effect mascara but when I tried it I thought it was like Benefit They're Real Mascara. I know I have done a review on it before but I wanted to compare it with a really good high street version. So let's start product wars...

My benefit Mascra is the sample size as it came as an extra with a makeup box I brought from Benefit. I love this mascara and the wow factor it gives to your eyes. It gives everything you need and want from a Mascara. The price is a bit on the expensive side but I would say along with many others that it's worth it completely.


Wand- The brush has two parts, one for the top lashes and one for the bottom. The top lash part has lots of individual plastic brushes this makes sure that all lashes are coated. The bottom part is at the end of the wand which making applying the Mascra to the bottom lashes simpler.


Staying power- The staying power for the product is amazing and it does not move at all. If you didn't have time to change your makeup from day to night then this product would make you look like you to more effort into your eye make up even though you had no time. 

Removing- this product is known for not removing easily which is why Benefit brought out a remover. I have the remover but as a sample size and I wanted to save that for the liner. So I have found a remover which works, it's oil based. I think that with any oil based makeup remover would work.

Finish- the finish of this mascara is full lash and by that I mean did extends your lashes and makes them look fuller.

Overall- ****

 LEFT- Max Factor                                                   RIGHT- Benefit 

In comparison , Max Factor's Fasle lash effect has the same qualities. It's not only cheap but works just as well. I have the colour black/brown as mine came with a collection of products. I would say that it does the same as the benefit mascara , adding thickness and volume. As it says on the label, it gives a natural looking finish.


Wand- the wand is plastic and very thick compared to the Benefit one. It does not have a part for the bottom lashes and the part which coats your lashes are very short but makes your lashes look amazing. 

Staying power- The mascara is the waterproof version so the staying power is truly amazing. 

Removing - I think that the mascara is harder to remove than the benefit but that's my personal opinion. I use the same products and oil based remover but I feel that it needs more elbow grease to remove it.

Finish- The finish makes your lashes look thicker as well as adding volume to them. It gives a natural finish to your lashes

Overall- **** 

I can't decide which one I prefer and that's why I give them the same overall stars as they both have positives and negatives. Let me know which one you like. 

Gee x

Monday, 15 September 2014

Hair care


My hair is getting longer which is good however it's getting harder to control the curls. So I thought for my girls who have loose yet wild curls , I would do a hair care routine which at this moment in time is working. 

For shampoo, I don't usually use this but I thought I would give it a go Herbal essences Moroccan My Shine. I like this and it does the job but I prefer the Bee strong range. This shampoo does leave my hair smooth and soft. 

I ran out of the conditioner version so I've been using VO5 give me moisture. I don't always use conditioner probably every other time I wash my hair. If I was to use it every single time I was my hair, my hair would get greasy quicker than it does now. My hair lasts about two-three days without a wash. 

Once a week, I use Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp 60 seconds mask. This is amazing , it makes my hair look and feel like I've just walked out the hairdressers. It smells amazing and makes my hair where previous dye is killing my hair , feel like new. 

For heat protection, I use Paul Mitchell soft style heat seal. I don't usually dry my hair so I mainly use this if I straight my hair for a change.


On the hair I don't use washout conditioner, I use leave in conditioner - I find this works better. It's the Herbal Essences Bee String leave-in conditioner. When you spray it in your hand , it feels like a spray but the more you press , it turns into a cream.


So that's my hair routine which I don't think I will be changing anytime soon. I hope you liked it and let me know any products that you think will help my hair and what products you use. 

Gee x

Lunch with the Girls | Get Ready With Me


When what was meant to a rather large group of people turned out to be four people. We ,being my group of friends, were meant to go bowling and out for a late lunch to catch up as we all go to different schools. 

So I thought that I would go a get ready with me since I haven't done one in a while. My friends were going casual but I find that their casual is rather dressy and they always look lovely. So decided to make abit more effort with my outfit and makeup. Also I was going out later on in the day to go out  to see MockingJay part 1 which was really good. It was tense and had me at the edge of my sit a couple of times.


MAC studio fix NC15
MAC studio fix powder NW20(?) 
Avon eyebrow pencil 
Technic Shimmer Eye shadow
17 Wild Mascara 
Topshop deep red lip liner ( no name) 
Collection Little Mix Perrie Lipstick ( Purple) 
Benefit Holla Bronzer
Avon Makeup Setting spray


Cut out boots ( unknown shop) 
Thick black Tights

Here are some pictures from the day - we didn't go bowling and just went for food. It was lovely to go out plus the food was really nice. In the pictures are Zoe, Georgia ( Recently done a blog post HERE) and Rachael.


Hope you liked this little GRWM. 

Gee x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Computer problems


So I'm currently writing this on my tablet due to my laptop beening a pain and deciding not to work. So I'm going to miss a week of blogging and I'm going to send my laptop away to get fixed which is very annoying because I have lots of coursework to do for school

Gee x

Monday, 8 September 2014

Collective Haul


Like I said in my august favourites that I would do a collective haul from the shopping trips that I have done, here it is. I did not buy all this at once which is why it is collective. I went shopping for nothing in particular on one of the trips which is why I got stationary. But I went out with my friends to go clothes shopping for school.

So I shall start with stationary. I got this from both whsmith and wilko and I will admit it's mostly pens. So I got a pack of black Bic pens as they were on special and I prefer writing in black. I also got a week planner so that I can work out and cope with the amount of coursework that i know I'm going to get. 

 From WHSmith , I got another pack of packs which are also Bic but they have a range of colour ( to help with revision) and two pens which have a end with can be used on a smart phone ( I don't know how to explain it so hopefully the picture with help). Also from there I got two rounded folders from coursework.


From New look ( two trips), I got a a-line skirt which has a checkered cream and red pattern. I need to alter it to make it fit my waist but it was a good find in the sale. Also I got a collared monochrome top , I love collared tops and shirts and when I saw this I could not stop myself buying it. I got it in a size bigger than normal has I wanted the length to tuck into any jeans or skirts. Top; £9 Skirt;£7 down from £18

Also from new look, I got a pair of black jeggings. I was not sure about these but my friends said they looked fine and I had a voucher so I brought them. They are simple but I don't have a pair of black jeans and I can match them with anything. They were £15.
From H&M , I got a long kimono. It's not as long as the full body ones but it feel that it's long enough as I think it would annoy me if it was any longer. I saw this on the model and i thought that I might as well try it on - I feel in love with it straight away. It was only £15! 

From Dorothy Perkins, i got a mid-skirt. They had a sale and we decided that we would go and have a look. I noticed this between a pair of jeans and a jumper and I'm glad I did. Me and my friend went to try on some items and I wasn't sure about the skirt. But I thought that if I changed my mind I would always take it back. It was £12 down from £22. 

From Primark, this Primark is new to the area and has three floors! I got three tops in the end which I thought was quite disappointing. But I got a boyfriend plain top (£4) and a plain white shirt(£9). I got these as they go with any thing. Can you see a theme with my recent purchases? 

Also I got a grey and pink pleated top (£8). I saw this in the model with a pink coat and I have the same coat but from Topshop so I thought I could easily match that with the top. I love how it's different as well and I have never seen one with pleats underneath the top.


Next I got a dress from the peacocks sale, I never really go on there for clothes as whenever I do I find nothing that I like. But while my mum went to get her eye tested , we decided we would go look around the shops and that's where Peacocks comes in. I got this dres which was only £9 in the sale. It's skater dress style and is a little longer which is perfect since I always complain that mine are too short for my long legs. It's pink and has a lace Peter Pan collar.


I also went into George Asda which I was recommend by my friends for jeans. While me and mum were looking round , we saw a dress which is a school girl look about it. I love the double collar and the colours. It was £16 and I will probably wear it with thin tights and cut out boots.


Also I got a pair of black skinny jeans for Asda and they have detail on the button as well as on the back pockets. They are a nice fit and comfortable too. 

Looking back it looks like I've got a lot but when it's in front if you and you take in to consideration that I need to while new wardrobe for Sixth form , I have not got a lot. 

Let me know of any items that you think Im missing. I am hopefully going to go proper school school very soon so I am help with what you get :) 

Gee x

Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favourites


Well this month went so fast , it feels like yesterday that I was writing my July favourites. This month I have not done that much shopping wise , just a few short trips here and there. I have been doing work experience for the summer so I have been busy doing that. Due to that I don't have as many favourites as I have had  nothing new to try but I have a feeling with a new school coming up and being able to FINALLY wear my own clothes that I will have more next favourites. I have a collective haul coming up soon from the shopping trips.

So first I think that I will talk fashion as it usually start with beauty. So this months weather has been interesting. We had a couple weeks of really nice weather which if you look at my Instagram ( on the slide bar) you would see from my days at the beach and parks out with my friends. But apart from the sun , we have had a some rainy and cold days. 

The item of clothing that I have been loving has been my Levi grey cardigan. The shape is very boxy as it's very loose and square on the body and tight fitting on the arms. But even though it has box shaping , the strap of material around the neck and sides is waterfall. I love this and have been wearing it with jeans and leggings along with a plain top. I have a feeling that in the colder months it will be used even more. 

Shoes next. I love them and I feel that I abandon some so I thought I would change my shoes around. Even though they are Primark , these light brown brogues have lasted me ages. They are so comfortable to wear with a pair of pop socks ( so the are not seen) or cute pastel coloured socks. They go with pretty much every outfit and make it look smart casual. 

It seems that I only have one beauty favourite , it's the max factor False Lash Effect Mascara ( Review Coming soon) . This mascara is not one of my usual mascaras but I have been loving it to add to my eye make up. It not only makes them more volumised but also look natural. I understand that it's meant to look like false lash which it does but in a natural looking way. 

Random favourites, I don't know if you have read my blog before but I went to see Divergent in the Cinema and I wrote a small review of it. I really enjoyed it and I read all 3 books in a week! It recently came out of DVD in the UK and my dad got me it to watch as he knows I'm obsessed. I watched it the night I got it along with the night after.


I got Pinterest ages ago and I could not get into it but when I was struck for ideas of College outfits that's where I went. I spent ages on it and got so much inspiration from it that when I went shopping with friends I kept checking my finds. Would recommend to anyone who is bored and wants inspiration; Fashion, Art, Makeup or Gifts.

That's some of my favourites of the month. I hope you have enjoyed your summer as I feel that it is over now :( 

Let me know some of your favourites:) 

Gee x