Monday, 28 September 2015

Clean faced | Get UN Ready With Me


So as the title suggests, I will be showing you how I take me make up off instead of putting on as I usually do. I have normal to combination skin and I get the old couple of blemishes every now and then.

Here is a picture of my everyday makeup which I wear to school (If you would like a get ready with me - school edition comment below). 

This is the makeup that I will be removing with the following products;

Clinique Cleansing Wash *LINK*
Boots Face Wash with Active Charcoal (Highly Recommend) *LINK*
Nivea Cleanser *LINK*
Simple Facial Toner *LINK*
Benefit Tripe Moisture Cream ( Good for spot-pron skin) *LINK*
Simple Eye Gel *LINK*
Lip Balm *LINK*

And here is the finished result;

I believe that I have found a good balance of products which work best for my skin. 

Let me know some of the best products you use for your skin as I'm willing to try some new possible. 

Gee x

Saturday, 26 September 2015

100th POST


So thats the hundredth time , I have written Cooee , how mad!

I thought that I would do a small post celebrating that fact that this is my 100th post.

I never thought that my blog would last this long and I have had good responses from you , the readers as well as from social media. I even wrote for one of my A levels about blogging ad my passion for it.

One of my favourite posts has to be the ...
A week in Pictures *LINK*
Tartan Style *LINK*

I will always recommend blogging to anyone who wishes to write out their thoughts , whether it be about makeup, a sport or reviews. Its a great way to spend time for yourself and a better way to meet people.

One of the things , I look forward to every week is knowing that people are willing to read about  my tutorials or reviews on fashion , makeup or lifestyle and this is what has driven me for the past year or so.

I understand this isn't my usually post but I wanted to remember this post for the future.

Gee x 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Wedding Edition | GRWM

I recently went to a wedding so I thought that I would show my hair, outfit and makeup for the day. I was attending the wedding all day so my hair and makeup had to last which it did, although that might be due to the amount of hairspray I had in my hair.
The day was beautiful and the bride looked stunning. It was at a local venue to me which was beautiful and the weather made it all better.
So I started with my hair, I curled my hair and then pinned it so that the curl would cool before I took them out. By doing it this way, the curl will last longer as it has cooled as a curl rather than cooling and falling out. Then I pulled all my hair around to one side and then clipped it. It wasn't the look I wanted but it worked with my outfit.
My make up had to last all day as well as not looking too cakey. (I know its a lot of makeup) I used a mix of the high end and drug store. I have listed my makeup as its easier than doing it step by step;

Smashbox Primer
Benefit Primer
MAC Studio Fix Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Smashbox Brow Shadows
Benefit Gimme Brow
Rimmel Eye Shadow Primer
MAC Amber Lights (All over the lid) (Great for blue eyes)
Makeup Revolution Palette- Darkest Pink Shade In crease (The dupe for Urban Decay)
MAC Quarry (On the outer Corner)
Individual Lashes (Don't known Brand)
Benefit They're Real Mascara
Benefit Holla Bronzer
Nars Highlight
MAC Studio Fix Powder
Younique Pouty Lip Liner
Benefit Benetint
MA Crème Cup

The outfit was from a brand called Little Mistress and I had a nightmare getting this dress! Everytime I went to order it my size went out of stock. I probably needed the size below but with the amount of trouble it took to get this dress, I didn't want to risk it.

The shoes and bag are both from Kurt Geiger. The shoes were so comfortable and I stay in them right up until the last hour when I needed to change into some flat so that I could dance with family.

So that's my wedding get ready with me, I hope you liked it! Are you going to a wedding? Let me know

Gee x

Monday, 7 September 2015

Colour Pop | Eye Makeup


So I found an image on Facebook and it was of similar eye makeup. I loved the brown lid with the bright blue under eye. However, I wished to make it more of an everyday manageable look. I wanted the blue under liner to be noticeable however not too bold.

 I used a mix of cream and powder eye shadow to create this look which for me is a first as I usually use powder.

I used all drug store makeup for this look.

BASE- Rimmal Scandeleyes 006 Rich Russet *LINK*
OVER LID- Revlon Taupe (Statin) My newest addition to my collection and I love the idea of creating my own palette using all the colours which I know I will love *LINK*
BOTTOM LASH- MUA Fog ( From the Ever After Palette) *LINK SIMILAR*
Liner- Umberto Giannini
Mascara- MUA Extreme Lash *LINK*
I hoped that you liked this look and let me know what your favourite combination of colours you like to use on your eyes.
Gee x