Monday, 30 June 2014

Prom Makeup | Mini Prom Series


Well I have had my prom but more on my experiences in next weeks post.

I'm going to show you a picture of my picture and tell you what I used. I have done it myself as it was easier. I have either brought the products myself for the day or have used what I already have. I didn't do a get ready with me as I wanted to concentrate on the makeup instead of the pictures.

So hope you enjoy :)


Benefit Porefessional
Face and Body Foundation MAC
Collection Concealer
MAC Studio Fix Powder
Sleek Face Form Kit


Bourjois Light Primer
Mac Paint Pot in Perky
Colour Tattoo Pink Gold
Mac Stereo Palette- Pink White
Seventeen Wild Curl Mascara
Eyeko Liner
Benefit Gimme Brows
Mac Charcoal Brown


Bourjois velvet lips ( Number 2)- I used one thin coat and then one thick coat


Body Shop Angled brush and Shadow Brush
Real Techniques;
Detailer (for lips )
Eye Shadow ( concealer)
Avon Powder Brush
A Unknown white brush - contouring

I tried a really simple look as I wanted the main focus to be on my dress. I done a pink eye with a hot pink lip to match my dress... like you can see.

Next week, pictures of my dress and experiences.

Gee x

June Favourites


Well I have not done a favourites in ages. So I thought that since I'm off school for the summer and don't have a job yet ( I will get one!!!) that I would write more blog posts and organise things. 

So let's start with some of my beauty favourites shall we? 

First is my sleek face palette which I used for my prom. It was around £9 I think which has a matte bronzer ( reason I brought it) , a blusher and a highlighter which was an added bonus. It's worth the money and I have seen the urban decay one before I brought it and even though I have not used it , I would say that the shades are pretty much the same. (Buy Here)

Next is the bourjois velvet lipstick which is in the shade 2. I love this it stayed on all night. It is like a stain and all I did was top it up to make it more bold. Love! Love! Love! (Buy Here)

So that's not many beauty favourites but here are some of my fashion favourites

Well it's weirdly my sunglasses. My old ones were broken so I went to Primark to get a new pair. I do have expensive glasses but I'm scared to wear them in case I break them so I just buy cheaper ones. I loved the Daisy's on them. I have been wearing them strangely in our British weather.


Next is a pair of shoes, jelly shoes for that matter. They were from boohoo for £10 and I have been wearing them with pretty much everything. They are so comfy and I love the colour. ( Buy Here)

That's pretty much my fashion favourites , I have not been shopping in ages but I'm going to go soon for college clothes. 

But I couple of my random favourites have been these ice creams from Cadbury. I love ice cream and these taste so good. Not only do the have chocolate on the outside but they have chocolate swirled in the ice cream.

Next I have been loving Paulo Nutini, he's voice is amazing and I really wanna see him live. Plus he's not bad looking either which is always a added bonus.


So that's my favourites for the past month. Let me know your favourites of June. 

Gee x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pre-Prom Prep | Mini Prom Series


My prom is in a couple of days and I know many peoples prom is coming up. But I personally want a natural make up look so for that I want clear fresh looking skin which will look better in photos.

I have been doing this little routine for about three weeks to a month. A couple of products I have only recently got but they have been working well and my spots are clearing up nicely. I was telling my friends about my little prom routine and they don't really under why I'm doing it but I have skin spots so they aren't as noticeable as say black heads but I know that they are there.

To help prevent any black heads that may think its appropriate to show , I use Garnier pure active anti-black head deep pore wash. I like this but the only thing is that I find it stings my eyes because they are really sore at the moment but apart from that it works really well.

After I have taken my make up off ( which I have not been wearing that much to help my skin) , I cleanse my skin with the Nivea refreshing cleansing lotion on a cotton pad. I love this because my skin feels so much more cleaner after and refreshed.

Then to sooth my skin and help with any dry skin , I use Simple kind to skin facial toner again on a cotton pad.

Then for a night mask , I use Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Night treatment Gel , all you do is put it on and overnight it helps prevents spots. I put this over my 24/7 dry skin moisturiser. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 on skin care so I would go and check that out because not only is their range amazing but its all affordable.

Also on the offer , I got a blemish stick for the days which putting on make up seems a task , its from the same Tea Tree Witch Hazel range. I love this , I have been looking for one as my usually Witch one run out and I have not found one since. Also , on the offer I got a face mask which I have yet to use.

For my wore eyes and dry skin , I have been using Sudocrem , most people use it for spots but I have found another which works better. This has really helped my eyes. What happened was that I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted and the lady caught my skin. Firstly it was a red mark now it has dried out the skin and has become sore. But I do love my new eyebrows.

The cream I use for spots is Germolene. This was actually recommended by a youtuber called Gabby (Veletgh0st) who I have been following her videos since she only had like 9000-10000 and now shes so close to 200,000. (Her Channel ; ). Back to the cream, I put it on before bed on any spots and in the morning they are pretty much gone or have reduce in size. I love this!

So that's all for the start of my mini series. My prom is actually this Saturday coming up but I will only have my make up. I'm going to use a picture from the day and list the make up I used and how I used it.

Hope that's this is okay

Gee x

Monday, 16 June 2014

One Item... Four Different Looks #2


I brought a kimono from Primark which I have been loving. I brought it to wear to a One Direction concert but it was too sunny and hot to wear. So I thought instead of doing a OOTD I would do a couple of looks.


Basic H&M Top (only a couple if pounds)
H&M Shorts £12.99
Kimono £15
LIPS- Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea


New Look Crop Top (unknown )
Topshop Shorts ( I think) £28
Kimono £15
Seventeen Lip Crayon Orange


Basic White Top
H&M Skater Skirt (Unknown)
Kimnon £15
Soap & Glory Sexy MotherPucker

Sorry about the pose my best friend took it while we were messing around waiting for our parents to meet up. It was amazing the concert and we were so close to the front as well.

Primark Top With Pocket £4
BooHoo Skort £14 (I think)

I hope that this was okay. I'm going to miss next week due to exams but I will try and put a post up as soon as possible.

Gee x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Prom Makeup Products


So like promised here are some products which I have been buying for my prom and others which I have already but thought that I ,personally, could use for my prom. Just a warming , a lot of high end products. I can also do a more high street version if you would like, comment down below I don't bite.

So for my base, I have MAC's face and body foundation in N2. It has no SPF in so when pictures are being taken there's no flash back form the camera. Plus its leaves a natural look and stays on all night perfect for prom.

Primer, the benefit porefessional to help with the flawless/natural look.

For a Base on the eye, Mac's Perky paint pot. Due to the colour of my dress, I want to do a Pink/Silver eye to match everything.

For eyeliner, I have eyeko's Skinny liner. This is the best thing , it makes the horrible task of doing eyeliner so much easier. Its smudge proof, water proof as well as fool proof aka Me. Its has a small nib which makes it easy to get as close to the lashes as possible.

Eye shadows , I found a Bourjois palette form smokey eyes. It have silver tones.

Also another palette is French Connection's mix of colours, I probably will be using the pinks and creams.

To help set , MAC's studio fix. This is amazing and helps create a flawless look. I believe a great high street version would be Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder.

Brows, I will use MAC charcoal Brown and set with Benefit's Gimme Brow. I love both and they help create the perfect brow. Personally, I want a natural brow instead of my strong brow like I do day to day.

Lips, I not found a lip stick yet so do comment on brands which you like or can recommend. But I have found  lip gloss. Soap and glory's Sexy Mother Pucker. Its makes your lips more fuller basically does what it says in the tin.

I don't know if I want bronzer but I like Little Mix Collection Bronzer as it has a mix of browns and gold's.

Blusher, I like cream blushes at the moment , Max Factor miracle touch is lovely. It's the perfect natural pink colour.

Mascara, I'm struggling to find one which is perfect. But recently I have been loving 17 Wild curls. Its gives both volume and length.

For on the go makeup which I'm going to be taking in my bag is this by benefit , called perk up artist. It has Correct, cover and brighten which is great for touch ups during the night.

Lastly, Nails I have gone for three different pink shades. Two Nails Inc and rimmel London. The darkest shade is the one which I'm going to use as its the closes to my dress. But Rimmel does great nail varnish and its lasts. They also have lots of colours to chose from.

So That's all the products I have found. Let me know which ones you have and comment down below.

This post is mainly in note from as I was not sure how I would do this post. Hope it was okay.

Gee x

Monday, 2 June 2014

Boohoo and Shopping Haul


Well I've been busy with school and exams so that why I've missed a week of Blogging and they have been a bit poor. I try and do a couple of posts ahead of time so that I don't have to worry but like I said I have been stressing. So much that I have been having problems with my skin .. weird I know.

So less of the sob story Gee and get on with what you got from your shopping trip.

Well, first of I took a look at which I have been loving and hopefully getting most of my Post 16 clothes from.

I got a black skort which I wore to my actually shopping trip with another boohoo item , a blue collared top. Its so comfy and I love that it looks like a skirt from the front and a pair of shorts from the back. It was £15 which I think is great value and I will be wearing it a lot this summer and at school too.

Next from Boohoo are these Jelly shoes which I adore so much. They are comfy and go well with any outfit. I was going to get a white but I like this skin colour. These were £10 which is amazing value.

Lastly from Boohoo, I got a skater dress which is called a Pinafore Dress. I ordered my size however I found it was too big so I am sending it back and ordering a smaller size. Its soft stretchy material is comfy and I love the idea for wearing it to school with a white shirt. There was an option of black or navy , I ordered navy. ( NOT MY PICTURE )

To the actual shopping trip, I went for Prom bits. I'm not going to show everything as I want to do a post on it later. My prom is to celebrate Year 11's leaving school to move to another or to stay on. The prom itself is at the end of the month 28th. Next week I'm going to show some products that I have got for Prom to help those who need help finding the right products- make up wise.

But I thought that I would show you some now so that you can get an idea. Firstly I took at trip to MAC and got a face and body foundation in the shade N2 which is perfect for me. I Love how thin it was and makes a natural finish.

Also I got a pro longwear Paint Pot in Perky. A lovely pink colour which I'm planning on using as a base. The Lady in the store was so nice and helped both me and my mum get the products.

Then I went to house of Fraser , where I got my prom bag which was in the sale. So basically if you know me , I guess I have revealed the colour of my dress. Yes its Hot Pink which sounds totally un like me because I'm not a all pink girl. Just a dash of pink girl. Haha.

In Boots , I got a small bottle of Toni&Guy sea salt texturising spray. The smell alone is amazing let alone how amazing it makes your hair look. I used it on my mums hair after I curled it , it make it look amazing. She has short hair and it works just as well.

Lastly H&M, I went there last weekend and I saw these shorts which looked nice but I didn't have time to try them on. So this weekend , I tried them on , feel in love and brought them. They are high waisted. Sorry for the poor quality photo and the pattern is all around the garment. They were £12.99 and they look really nice with a plain white top and blazer.

So that's it really. Hope that you have a lovely spring/ summer. Let me know any good clothes shops for smart wear as that's going to be the next big shopping time.

Gee x