Monday, 25 August 2014

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review


If you were to look into my eye makeup draw then you would be faced with many mascara's which will all promise to do different things either adding volume or extending your lashes x3. Personally, I don't think that they really work as well as they say which is why I have so many. However, the benefit they're real mascara works amazingly , I understand that it is quite expensive compared to other highstreet brands but I believe its worth the money.

Well everyone has been loving benefit makeup especially their eye make up. The biggest hype has been the new eye liner which has gotten so many reviews lately. I have got the new liner but I have yet to use it as I don't very wear eyeliner that much. But I will let you know when I do :)

I thought that I would review the They're Real mascara which I have been loving to add that little bit more wow factor to my eye make up. I got mine as a freebee which my benefit order , it was a sample size which I have heard to be better than the normal size but when mine runs out I will defiantly be repurchasing it.

Compared to my other everyday mascara , it adds volume and makes lashed look longer and fuller. As you can see from the picture below , you can see the difference between a normal mascara (MUA) and benefit.

The brush kind of has two parts, one which you do your top lashes with. TIP; When applying mascara use zip zagging motions to add extra volume and length. The second part of the wand is for the bottom lashes , at the end you can see a ball ( sort of) size bit which you can coat your bottom lashes. The wand makes sure that you coat every one of your lashes. Sometimes If I want to make more of a flick at the end of my eye , I will use the bottom lashes bit to pull them out.

I believe that if you are getting sick of everyday boring highstreet mascaras then I would recommend benefit. Don't let the fact that its kind to remover as I have you covered but so has benefit. They have brought out a special remover which removes both the new liner and the mascara. I use Derma V10 which works so well and was so cheap. I use it as a part of my night routine to remover eye make up ( Well done Gee!). I got mine from Savers and I'm not sure where else sells it.

I hope that this has helped help your decision if you think you would like it or not.

Gee x

Monday, 18 August 2014

BB Cream Wars | Product Wars


With the weather being quite weird with either storms or heat waves, I needed a light cream or foundation and I felt like with my foundations weren't really doing that. I have a mid tan which is when my tan is slowly disappearing but is still there. My foundations are either for my tan skin (fake and real) or my normal skin colour. You may be thinking just fake tan well the true is that I cant really be bothered.

So when I was scrolling twitter , I had a sponsored tweet come up saying about BB Cream. I had heard and seen BB cream but never thought that I would really used it but when I had a look into it , it sounded perfect for this weather.

I went into Superdrug and was looking at Rimmel. They have a BB Cream which is Matte so I thought that was perfect. It was on special for £4 instead of £7 ( I think). When I was looking a lady was looking to and over heard me and my nan talking about it and mentioned about another cream she had used. It was Nivea tinted moisturising day cream , which was also on special for under £2 so I thought I would try both.

NIVEA- Tinted Moisturising Day Cream  SPF 8

Shade- They only have one shade. Its slightly darker than my normal shade but I only put a small amount on.

Applying the Product- You only need a small amount and I use my fingers to apply on to my skin. If I feel it needs buffing into my skin then I will use a foundation brush. The coverage is okay not the best.

Finish - I love the finish, its more dewy. It creates a smooth finish so that you can add powder to it. Its light weight on the skin too.

OVERALL- **** ( 4 stars)
I think if there was shade options then it would be better.

RIMMEL- BB Cream    SPF15

Shade- They have shades ranging from "very light " to "dark". I have light but I think I would have suited very light. However, I don't have "very light" skin when I'm buying foundation.

Applying the Product- Well I first applied one coat using my fingers and coverage was not the best so I applied more. I had to use a brush over this as I thought it would help the product more. But no which leads on to the finish.

OVERALL- *** (3 Stars)
Finish- The promise that it finish would be matte was given but it was very orange looking so I wiped off as much as possible and used my brush to blend the product which seemed to do the trick.

I think the shade chart is interesting to say the least and its finish is nice but can look orange and patch due to it coverage. Also the product promises a lot and I'm not sure

So that's the very first ( I believe) of Product Wars and I hope that you liked it :)

Gee x

Monday, 11 August 2014

Whats In My Beach Bag!


Well I went to the beach with my friends for the day so I thought that I would do a what's in my beach bag? We had to get train ( which we missed but 30seconds if that!) and walk from the station to the beach. Sadly it was not sandy but it's a nice beach.


I'm not sure where the bag is from as it's not mine but my mums and she does not know either. It's a large two tone bag and it has a black purse attached to the inside which is handy. 

So I put my things in smaller bags so that I know where everything was and to stop sand from getting in. First bag was a Laura Geller make up bag who is a make up artist, in this I had hand sanitising gel which I used after putting sun cream on so my hand weren't sticky. Also in this bag I had wet wipes , mine were Make up ones but I did not use them. Then perfume , mines is B-united Jeans, I'm not going to describe the smell as I have not clue how to ! But it's nice. Lastly lip balm , I brought one with SPF in so my lips did not burn.


Next I brought a small hairbrush and sun cream. It was the only one I could find in time and my friends had more adult ones and they burnt a lot more then I did.  

Carrier bags are a essential as you can put wet clothes or towels in. 

Another bag , I brought spare clothes in case mines got wet and another bikini because I was not sure which one to wear.  This bag is really handy as it's the right size. It came with a bikini and it's got "little Manal" I think written across it.


Then towels , I brought two , one to lay one and one to dry myself off. 

Also a hat and sunglasses which is essential in heat. 


So that's all I took with me that day. We all brought food and drink so that we didn't need to spend too much money there. Lucky the weather was good and it was not busy because of school. I have finished school now for the summer so that's why I was not there. 

Let me know what you would take with you? 

Gee x

OOTD- Garden Party


I recently went to a Garden Party for my Mums Partners Family. They live on the other side of the country to where I live , in the countryside. It was beautiful there and I could happily live there. It was so peaceful!

The dress I was wearing was actually my mums dress but she let me borrow it for the day. It was from Boohoo ( Surprise Surprise ) and I love it. I love how simple it is and that anything can go with it. I matched a pair of golden sandals with it from New Look last year. I decided not to bring a jacket because it was a hot day and lucky it did not rain or storm. We have been having some really bad storm over in the UK so I was worried that we would get caught in it.

Dress- I could not find the actual dress but I found a similar one. I have not heard of the website but the reviews look good. ( Link Here)

Shoes- my shoes were in the sale last year so I found some similar. ( Link Here)

On the drive, we went past Stonehenge.
So that was my outfit of the day. Let me know what your outfit would be if you have been or would go to a garden party.
Gee x

Monday, 4 August 2014

July Favourites


So its come to the end of the month which can only mean one thing and one thing only , Favourites time.

So I will start with my fashion favourites and the first being my Birkenstocks. I know that some people may not like them but I love them and they are so comfortable. Mine I think are the Madrid ones which have only one strap. They do come in different colours and styles but I liked these ones and I got the colour as it was the only one they had in my size at the time. I have been wearing these pretty much everyday of the month of July so they had to be in my favourites. (BUY HERE)

Next are the BEST BUY EVER , they are sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli. I got them during my trip to Glastonbury from an outlet centre. Originally being £260 I got them for £20!!!! They were from a place called Sunglasses hut ( I think) I know the shop and they stock all the big brands. I love these they have a gold frame and they are quite light. The only bad thing is that they don't keep out much light. (CLICK HERE)

This dress was in a recent post, I have worn this dress a couple times this moth to parties or events so I thought that it would be fitting to put it in my favourites. (BLOG POST)


Also recently I have added to my everyday makeup eye shadow which is quite a big step for me as I wear very little makeup which is quick and easy. Even though its summer, I have been using matte browns as its quite neutral. The palette which I have been using to do that is MUA Matte palette. Its only £4 from superdrug and its an amazing palette. They do a range so I would go and check that out!  (BUY HERE)

Foundation time! My favourite of the month has been - Drum roll please- Rimmel Wake Me Up! I have got a slight tan at the moment and the shade I brought this in is slightly darker than my normal shade so its perfect. It has good coverage but if I remember correctly there's not main shade options but I would go and have a good anyway! you never know! (BUY HERE)

I have been growing my nails and painting them lots of different colours but my favourite has been Barry M Gelly Nails - Huckleberry! Its a pale sky blue to pastel blue. I have been loving pastel colours this summer. I chip my nails really easier and so far it has not chipped so bad that I need to repaint nails. (BUY HERE)


I have been loving all the dance music on Radio 1 but I have been listening to SIA Chandelier! I love this song and the music video is... interesting! It has Dance mom's Maddie dancing in the videos. (WATCH HERE)

That's all my favourites of the month of July! Hope you enjoyed them and let me know your favourites!

Gee x