Monday, 31 August 2015

A Week In Pictures


So I thought that since I was going on a mini break as well as going out with some friends that I would show you my week in pictures.

My week started off with travelling to York to visit my family. It took my roughly 5 hours of travelling on my own.  Then once I got home, I went out with my friends to the fun fair/ theme park Dreamland.

 At Kings Cross - I nearly missed my train!!!
This is the prettiest bus stop I have ever seen!
We went to watch the new film Paper Towns

The lanes which lead to .....
My first time eating at Bills- Would recommend!
Went on a quick shopping trip which lead to me finding a cute park
The next day (once I was home) I went to Margate's Dreamland, a fun fair/ theme park
I thought that the food court looked very old fashion with food stalls and band stands
Me and the girls enjoying fish and chips
There was lots of photo booths so we decided try and fit 5 people in the shot
Here is me with everyone's cameras and hands trying to get some good pictures of the view
Waiting for the girls to get a drink, we decided to check out the children's ride
Here are all our photo booth photos! If we are in the area, I would recommend going as the beach is one of the nicest and it was a great day out!

I understand that this was a it different from my usual posts but I wanted to remember this week as it is coming to the end of my summer holidays.

Gee x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Trans-Seasonal Make Up Look


So By trans-seasonal I mean the changing between summer to autumn. In the UK , the weather ( which has not been surprisingly) rainy with little sunshine. So for my makeup , I don't want it to be too summery nor to autumnal. This is , for me, a good mix of the two. 

The dewy bronzed skin and blue eyeliner are quite summery , however, paired with a autumnal lip makes the trans-seasonal. 

Foundation- MAC Face and Body ( My go to summer foundation)  *LINK*
Powder- MUA Pro Base Powder ( I couldn't recommend this enough!!) 
Bronzer- Lipsy *LINK*
Eyebrows- MUA Brow Define (Found at Superdrug)
Eyeshadow ( over whole lid) - Taupe (Statin) Revlon *LINK*
Eye Liner- Blue by Umberto Giannini (Found at Boots)
Mascara- MUA Extreme Curl *LINK*
Lipstick- NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours B52 *LINK*

I hope that you liked this look , let me know what your favourite look for summer/autumn is as I'm always looking for new looks to try:) 

Gee x

Friday, 7 August 2015

OOTD- Foxes

So if you saw last weeks post, I went to study at London College of Fashion for a week which was amazing. This was one of my favourite outfits for the week and its apart of the artist Foxes collection with H & M. The weather was lovely and due to the materials being light , it was perfect.
Foxes collection is beautiful and I want to buy it all. It is all her style and she is defiantly one of my girl crushes. Sadly, it wont let me search for her collection but I would recommend to check it out especially if your in need of holiday clothing or festival.
I haven't been very lucky with finding the links to the items but I have tried to find similar

Top- H&M
Jeans- Tesco Similar
Shoes- Office  SIMILAR

Fashion Design at London College of Fashion

So I was lucky enough to study for a week at LCF. I took part in a short summer course studying fashion design. I thought that I would talk about what I did and my experiences in case anyone is interested in studying fashion in London. LINK TO THE UNIVERSITY

Travelling with all my equipment was very interesting to say the least on the train and tube. But once I arrived, I met some lovely people who were all interested in fashion. Although I do talk to my friends who like fashion , it was lovely to speak to people about the latest trends and all that fashion textile stuff which my friends might not understand.
The idea of the week was to explore the process of creating a portfolio which we could show to our chosen universities and build upon after the course.
We started by exploring different magazines and finding what we liked and create a core mood board. My chosen theme for the week was print and pattern. I am currently exploring print in my a levels and I thought that I could use my teacher for help. My teacher for the week was Eve Lin who has studied at the university as well as has her own label which is highly successful. She is the most down to earth person I have ever met and her fashion garments are beautiful. (LINK)

We visited the Victoria and Albert Museum which I have visited plenty of times and I will ever get tired of visiting. We had a couple of international students who hadn't been before and I believe that enjoyed it as much as I did. I got to look around and make sketches of things which linked with our theme.
In the afternoon, once we had lunch in South Kensington and Eve gave us some over seas pineapple cake, we went back to the college to add to our mod boards.

We continued with our mood boards developing the colours. Then we were put into groups in order to create a  new board with a different theme. Then we had to find a line ( the line is the masking tape) then using this line, we created a square (each side was the line). Our task was to create a garment. We decided to create a top with a low back on our model ( who we named Meryl).
We also did some speed drawing ; drawing the human figure at different angles in two minutes. I personally hated this as I was rubbish but it was a great skill to develop. It was to prepare us if we were to visit a fashion show as the garments would not be in front of you for no more than 30 seconds.
We then used our mood boards to create garments using magazine clippings. At first, I didn't like mine so I decided that I would find resources at home which I could use to improve them. The idea wasn't to make something wearable but something which could be developed. I found this technique every interesting and I wish to carry on this.

McQueen Coat and Belt-- Coat Goals!

Due to a tube strike (IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!) we decided to walk around London exploring different areas which we , as a group, had not visited before. This included Soho (during the day ) , New Bond Street and so on. Also we visited an interesting market ( cant remember the name) of different high end fashion designers , personally I didn't like the atmosphere but the garments were beautiful.
It was our last day and we were all sad as it went past so quickly but we finished off our magazine garments. We spend the morning finishing six different garments ready to present them to each other. We had to explain the process of how we got to our six garments. Everyone in the class had a completely different theme so it was interesting to learn about how they got to where they did.
Eve brought us some snacks and we had a talk about the week as well as followed each other on social media. The people who were in the class were lovely and we all wanted to stay for longer.
I would 100% recommend the course and I have learnt techniques which I didn't know as well as I now know where some of the best fabric shops are. It has also confirmed my plan to study there for my university course.
Let me know if you are interested in the course or any of the other courses which the university offers.
Also any questions , don't hesitate to comment below

Also check out my Instagram to see some more pictures from the week - @Gee_Grain
Gee x