Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pretty in Pink


So I have been loving a pink eye. I never thought I would say that but there it is. I am going to show you a couple of shades I have been loving. Now before I start, the majority is high end but I have added a high street brand in there.

MAC Quarry

This is a muted pink which works well in the crease as well as all over the lid. Its probably my perfect shade as its quite dark and works well with my everyday brown eye shadow.

MAC Girlie

I was recommended this by the MAC makeup artist. AS it says in the name, its quite girlie , however, its light on the light and works well with blue/green eyes.

MAC Grain

Its a light creamy pink colour. Its a great highlight colour plus it brightens up the eye.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

This is like girlie in a creamy shadow, however, it has flecks of gold in it. I wore this for my prom and I loved it then and  I  love it now.  *PROM POST*

So there are a couple of pink shades I have been loving.

Gee x

Monday, 20 April 2015

Revision Tips


So it exam season for many people including myself (A Levels) and I thought that I would do a list of revision tips which I have found work for me as well as my friends. Just to mention that theres no one way to revise as many methods work for different people and that no different from me and my friends. For myself, I have to read everything over and over again , making important notes if necessary, however, for my friend Zoe, she makes multiple mindmaps of information.

So here are a collection of different tips for different types of learners;

1) Plan your time effectively.

I have on my wall a two month revision plan. Yes! this is mentally but I know from my GCSEs that this helped me make sure that I knew what to revision and when all my exams were.

2) Don't revise for two long.

2 hours max revising time with an half an hour to an hour breaks in-between. This allows your brain to have a cooling off period. Also 15 minutes per unit/topic is also good too.

2a) Add exercise into your breaks

It helps take your mind off worrying and if you have been revising all day, it will be an effective way to get rid of energy (in a good way).

2b) Drink lots of water.

Remember your health shouldn't suffer because your revising. Water is a good way to keep yourself hydrated.

3) Collect all your notes ready for revising.

By doing this you aren't worrying that you are wasting time looking for your notes or textbooks.

4) Mind maps. (Visual Leaner)

After specking to my friend, mind maps are a good way to put all the important information in one place.

4a) Colour Code (Visual Learner)

When your in the exam, you will remember the colour and then the information along with it.

5) Podcasts ( Auditory Learner)

For my science GCSEs, I found a collection of podcasts which were people teaching you science. They were free to download and I would listen to them on my way to school. *LINK*

6) Notes (A practice Learner/ Visual Leaner)

A couple of my friends learn by re writing notes or typing them up. Personally for me this doesn't work but I know that for some people it might. By re writing notes, it means that you are recapping everything.

7) Past Papers/ Questions

By finding these, you can see how the exam or test will be laid out meaning that you have a better understanding. Also you can practice papers and check the mark schemes. TOP TIP- exam boards usually re word past questions.

8) Don't panic.

I should follow this one. Don't worry, I know that everyone is going on about how important it is , which it is but remember you can only do your best and it is good enough.

I hope that some of these help you if your taking your exams.

Good Luck,

Gee x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mini Make up Haul


Sorry it's late! I haven't had any signal where I'm staying!

So I have done a bit of makeup shopping recently and I thought I would show you some of the pieces that I have been buying.

NYX Eye Brow pencil 'Charcoal'

It looked grey at first but the shade 'Light Brown' (which I usually am) was too light. I'm hoping that this shade will suit my hair colour more. Also the idea of the product reminds me of Brow Wizz And I don't really want to pay high end prices and not like the idea so this is a good tester.

Stilla 'Twig' Eyeshadow 

I got this at a makeup outlet store so I only had to pay £1 which I couldn't say no to buying. I have heard good things about the brand and I'm excited to try it. It's a brown shimmer which I could wear everyday. 

Rimmel 'Drive Me Nude' Lipstick 

I'm going through a makeup phrase of wearing nude lips. So when I saw this, I wanted it to add to my collection. It's the typical 'Your lips but better' shade. 

Bourjois healthy balance Matte Powder

I have only heard amazing things about this product so I thought that I would try it. Also because the packaging is slim and has a large mirror , it's perfect for my handbag. 

Burberry Kisses 'Military Red No 109' & 'Nude Pink No 05'

I ordered these from Burberry as sample sizes. If you follow my Twitter then you would have seen me giving my friends the chance to get a sample themselves. I don't know if the campaign is still running but it's worth a try. I haven't tried them yet. 

MAC 'Quarry' Eyeshadow

I wanted the Cinderella Pallette from MAC however it sold out so quickly. But I only wanted one shade and that was Quarry so I brought this shade separately. 

MAC 'Grain' Eyeshadow 

I'm not going to lie but I only brought this shade because of the name. I know  that's not a good enough reason to some people but oh well. 

I believe that is all that I have brought in the last couple of weeks. Let me know what you have been buying recently. 

Gee x

Monday, 6 April 2015

Multiple Use Make Up Tools


So I was thinking whilst doing my makeup about what brushes I used and if I use them correctly. I found that ,even though brushes can be used anyway you like, I use my brushes in what some people might find weird. So I thought I would write a blog post about the way I used my brushes and see if you do the same.

Mascara Wand

I have been given by different makeup stands mascara wands to try. I use Smashbox Eyebrow Shadow pallete and I was given a mascara wand to put the wax on my eyebrows. So instead of using a makeup brush, I dip the wand in the wax and brush it through my brow. I found that this method works well and its less messy.

Crease Shadow Brush

My double base crease shadow brush is from Real Techniques, however, I found that its too big for eyes. So I use the brush to put highlight on my cheeks, nose and brow bone. I found that the size is perfect for highlighter. I have been testing a new liquid highlighter from Rimmel and it works with the brush well.

Detail Brush

My detail brush is again from Real Techniques , however, what I assume is meant for concealer and face makeup, I use it as a lip brush. I don't have a lip pencil that matches every one of my lipsticks, so I use the detail brush to take a small amount to draw a lip pencil outline. I find that this works just as well as a lip pencil. Also I use it to blend my lipstick.

So that's some of my brushes which I use differently. I know there is no exact way to use brushes but I wanted to show you additional ways. Let me know ways which you use your brushes differently.

Gee x