Saturday, 21 February 2015

On The Run Makeup Look


So I'm guessing that from the title you don't have the foggiest what this post will be about? I decided to try my new Urban Decay On The Run Palette for the first time since receiving it. I love this set , the colours have a high pigment and the browns suited my everyday eye makeup perfectly.

Products used;
Smash Box Photofinish Primer (For the eyes)
Baby Skin Primer (For the Face)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Collection Concealer
Rimmel Clear Complexion
Smash Box Eyebrow Palette in Brunette
Mac 'Girlie' Statin Eyeshadow (Over the Lid)
What I used from On The Run;
A Mix of Dare & Fix in the crease
Bronzer (No Name)
50/50 Highlight
Perversion Mascara
Stag 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil - I lined my top lash line and smudged it out
Sesso Naked Lipgloss (Now being promoted to my handbag!)

I love this look and I think that so many looks can be created from the palette.

Let me know what you think of Urban Decay products as this was my first product from them.
Gee x

Monday, 16 February 2015

What I got for my 17th Birthday


I am writing this on my actually birthday which would be yesterday , 15th February, for those reading it. I'm so grateful for everything I got this year and I've been well and truly spoilt. I have amazing family and friends who know me so well. I was lucky enough to go on a shopping trip with my mum who got me lots of presents then. So this is a half haul , half what I got. Disclaimer- I'm not bragging or anything and I'm extremely grateful for all my items! 

Beauty items; 

Smash Box Photo finish primer
Smashbox Brow Tech 
Urban Decay Brow Box 
Urban decay On the run ( I was not excepting this at all and I nearly cried!)
Lush King of skin 
Body shop All in one lip & check
Body shop 'champagne' eyeshadow 
Mac 217 brush 
Mac 'Girlie' shadow ( I was on a hunt for this shade and it's not want I wanted actually but I love it all the same)
Primark Gel Effect Top Coat ( I love this!) 
From my friends I got a MAC gift card !! ( I cant believe they did this so if they are reading this then  I Love YOU)
Fashion items;

French connection Blouse ( I fell in love with this top!) 
H&M skirt 
Primark Dress ( I'm trying out a BoHo Style at the moment)
Primark Cosy Tights ( Forever needing these!) 
Primark Sunglasses 
Primark Sweat Pants ( I used to hate these and hadn't owned a pair until last year when I got converted and now I live in them when I'm home) 
Zara Chelsea Boots 

Other bits;
Instax Share ( I have wanted a Polaroid printer for ages and my dad was nice enough to get me one) 
A shelf with has built in Bluetooth speakers ( I didn't even knew that this was a thing but it's so useful!) 
Paper chase cup ( I'm going to use it to take a tea to school in the morning) 
Golddigga Sugar Purfume ( I love the the gold one so my nan thought that I would like to try the newest one) 
Portfolio (For my textiles A Level course!) 
Tanya Burr , Love, Tanya ( I love Tanya's videos and my mum got me her book) 

I believe that's all. I'm so so so grateful for everything and couldn't have asked for better family and friends. 

Let me know if you had a birthday this week or if you have tried any of the products meantioned 

Gee x

Friday, 6 February 2015

GRWM; Tartan Style


So I had a 50th party to go to with my family and I thought that I would do a get ready with me. I would like to point out that I'm wearing heels and I hate wearing them because I'm tall as it is yet alone in heels but I braved it. I'm still proud of myself that I wore them.


MAC Face and Body Foundation (LINK)
Eyebrow Pencil (Brand Unknown, Sorry)
No7 Stay Precise Eyeliner *LINK*
Bourjois Volume Mascara *LINK*
Benefit Hoola Bronzer *LINK*
Sleek Blusher (From Face Pallete) *LINK*
Topshop Deception Lip Pencil *LINK*
MUA Shade 1 Lipstick*LINK*

My hair dresser actually done my hair but she used a defuser hair dryer to make it curly. I then used FudgeUrban  Moose to add more volume. *LINK*


Topshop- High Neck Top (bargin at £10! cheaper than New Look) *LINK*
New Look- Skirt *LINK*
New Look- Shoes ( Sale Item )

So that's what I wore and how I done my makeup for the party. I love the look and I hope you do too.
Gee x

A different type of statement


So they reason this is called a different statement is because recently I feel people have forgot about nail art. It's all about Big fashion and bold statement Jewellery at the moment. Yes people often get their nails done ( that's usually me) and people buy fakes but when my nail lady cancelled my appointment I found myself looking at bare nails. 

So I put some time in and effort to create a bold nail. Yes I understand it's probably not that bold compared to others but it's bold enough for me. 

I used a brand whose makeup and hair products I have used before ( and loved) but never their nail varnish. I love how only one coat is needed but they recommend two. The only problem is that they take a while to dry and once dry ( even with a dry top coat) can smudge a little.


Base and Top Coat; Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails ( as top coat gives a pearl affect)
Grey; Umberto Giannini Mist
Gold; Umberto Giannini Oyster 

I love this look as it's so simple but with the splash of gold gives a statement look. I thought that it was something people often forget about and just paint their nails one colour so I would show you a little trick I tried. 

Let me know some of your favourite nail brands 

Gee x