Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January Favourites


Well I feel as though I haven't done one of these in a while and I have been loving some old favourites this month. So shall I start. I have mainly beauty items so they will be first.


1) Rimmel BB Cream
I have done a review on this HERE before and I didn't love it that much. But because of its claim to help blemishes I tried it again. My skin has been abit angry recently and I want to cover it up and this foundation not only has high coverage for something so light but has helped my skin. Would recommend this to any angry skin! Also to improve the slight colour difference I use the lightest amount when applying

2) Superdry Eye Duo Pallete
I would never go to superdry for makeup but for Christmas my uncle got me a superdry makeup set. This pallete has a shiny shimmer yellow which surprisingly I love over the whole lid and a matte with a tiny amount of shimmer Brown which I love in the crease and blended out. I have worn this everyday to school since.

3) Clear Complexion Powder Rimmel

Again linking with the BB Cream , I found that this over the top helps blemishes too. Hopefully the clue in the name helps but it helps angry spots. Its translucent which means its not heavy or cakey.
Rimmel is great for blemish helping makeup I found this month especially.


1) Topshop Top
Even though I have had such trouble with this top. I LOVE it! Basically Topshop left the security tag on it and there was a load of drama with them to get it off but lucky I had a really lovely lady called Ella who helped. It was in the sale and I have included it in a look book HERE.

2) Scarfs

I am not a scarf or snood person. I usually get brought them for presents rather than me buying them myself. But this month especially because I've had a rotten cold so they help keep me warm and I have been loving styling them with my outfits too. (Left to Right; Dorothy Perkins,, New Look and Select)

I was likely enough to go see Paolo Nutini this month with my Dad and it was the best relaxed concert Ive been too. He is amazing live better than through headphones (often on the way to and from school). I got a new camera for Christmas and I got some amazing shots. Favourite songs are Cherry Blossom and Candy.

Also we ,as a family, are doing the classic lets get healthy and fit. Its been going well and recently we have brought a soup maker. So weirdly my favourite is soup.

Let me know what your favourites are of this month.

Gee x

Friday, 23 January 2015

Late Winter Lookbook


So its still cold in Britain but the sun is  out. So finding outfits that aren't too layered nor too summer-y can be hard. As known worldwide, British weather has a mind of its own , for example, Its usually raining in the morning and sunny but cold in the afternoon.

So I have been finding outfits which suit all weather types...kind of.

Look 1; School ( Yes Im eating an apple)

Top; Topshop
Coat; New Look
Leggings; Select
Boots; Call it Spring
Look 2; Monochrome 

Hat; H&M
Jacket; H&M
Jeans; George ASDA
Top; Primark
Shoes; Topshop
Look 3; The Dog Walker

Coat; Peacocks
Jeans; Primark
Jumper; Forever 21
Boots; Unknown
Hope you liked this little lookbook of some of the outfits I've been wearing. Let me know what your late winter look has been like.
Gee x

Friday, 16 January 2015

Left On The Shelf | #1


The idea of Left On The Shelf came from another blogger whose name I cant remember. They wrote about products they forgot about in their makeup collection. I love the idea and even since reading the post, I went to my personal collection and found different items which had been 'Left On The Shelf ' as such.

1. Rochas- Subline Compact Powder

I lovvvveee this product. I have been do researching and I recognised the name when I brought it but didn't think much about it. I got this product from a discount makeup store. They sell American makeup and designer makeup at discount prices. I'm sorry but I cant even remember the name of the store but it was at a outlet store.

It reminds me of Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. I actually got this product because I ran out of that powder and I was no where near a Superdrug/boots at the time.

2. Eyebrow Pencil

I used to use eyebrow pencils before I used powder and as much as I love using powder. I forgot how much easier pencils are. I don't draw them on too heavy and I found I use a lighter shade because if I did go too heavy it wouldn't matter too much. 

3. Stay Matte Concealer

This product was originally my mums but she gave it to me as I kept pestering her about it. I used it for a while and I stopped using concealer because my skin was behaving aka my skin was clear and even. Its more of an under eye concealer and as a skin colour stick with a centre of green. Green is said (I believe) to help under eyes. A great product however, I haven't seen this product in my local Superdrug so let me know if you do.

4. Benefit Perk Up Artist.

I'm always talking about Benefit on here and with my friends so much that I think that they are getting annoyed with it. This product is a life saver and I brought it to go in my bag for touch ups during the day. But for some reason it came out of the bag and went back to storage. I think its because I stopped wearing so much makeup everyday to help my poor skin.

But back its come and I love it. It has saved me on more occasions than I care to admit. I mainly use it to tidy much my makeup mistakes. For example, I was in the car trying to put on red lipstick and lets just say I had to use the 'Correct' section ALOT!

Have a look into your collection and let me know the products that you find
Gee x 

Monday, 12 January 2015

A Bag Full Of Lipsticks #1


So recently I found that my school bag was getting heavier and heavier ,and it wasn't due to getting given loads of textbooks. It was due to the amount of lipsticks... okay well no they don't weigh that much but I found that everytime I would wear a different lipstick , it would stay in my bag all the time.

Here is what I found in my bag...


I found that I had a mixture of different lipsticks. So here are the balm lipsticks, I find that I get very dry lips during the day due to the cold so its always handy to have a moisture balm. I have both the Benefit Loli Balm and the AVON Balm.

Lip Gloss

If I have quite Matte looking makeup , I like to add a bit of shine. Both of these products are high pigment ( Hope thats the right word , ha!). The Rimmel Apocalips is a lovely rose pink and the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker is a light pink. 

Chubby Sticks

I found these are just handy and simple to put on without a mirror. The Clinque Chubby Stick is a dark mixture of reds and pinks (07 Super Strawberry)  which I love to wear when wearing dark colours. Beauty UK is a bright pink and purple coloured stick which I don't wear as much as I should so this one is probably going to go back to my lipstick holder.


The first one is Collection Little Mix Lipstick in Perrie, I mention this so much on here and I love it. The colour is lovely and I would wear it all day everyday if I could. Well I could but you know.... Next is 630 Velvet Beige by Maybelline New York. It reminds me of the now classic Kylie Jenner lip colour but instead of MAC prices, its high street. This is such an easy wear too.

I hope you liked this post and let me know about the lipsticks which are always in your bag

Gee x

Monday, 5 January 2015

Benefit Balms/Tint Reviews


So like I promised a review of the Benefit balms. I did get them as a set, however, it was for Christmas so I don't know if they would still be sold as a set.

Bene Balm

This is very similar to Baby Lips Cherry. It's formula is very smooth and is very sheer. It's nice not only on its own but also over the tints and lip pencils such as No7- I'm not sure of the shade but it's a pink/red colour.

Loli Balm

I love this balm, it's such an easy shade to wear for every day. Again it's very sheer with a smooth formula. I have been getting quite dry lips during these cold winter months but I have found that by wearing these balms my lips stay moistured all day long.

Bene Tint


I love wearing this on their own and under lipsticks. If you find that wearing a sheer lipsticks is too sheer for you after you brought it then I would recommend have a tint underneath to boast the colour. I found applying this quite weird as it's quite a wet formula but dries instantly. The finished look is very matte in my opinion.

Loli Tint

Collection Perrie Lipstick over the top
It looks purple in the pot but the finishing colour is more of a pink toned purple if that makes sense. Again it's nice on its own but also works well under a lip stick. It's more glossy where the been tint is matte looking. I must admit that I don't really wear this one but when I do I will most probably wear it under Collection Little Mix Lipstick in Perrie as I believe they would work well together.

 Hope you liked this little review and let me know if you have tried these products and what you match them with.

Gee x