Friday, 27 March 2015

B. Pure Micellar Water | Review


So recently I have been taking off my everyday makeup using *B. Pure Micellar Water* . The reason I wanted to write a review on this product is because firstly I have never used this brand before and because I want to see if you have tried it and agree with my opinions.

I would class my skin as normal as I rarely experience dryness nor oiliness. I brought this product after hearing positive things about the idea of using Micellar water.

First Opinions;

I like how you can see how much is in the bottle which some bottles don't know. Its affordable and I was excited to try this new brand. I've seen the brand's makeup in Superdrug (where it can be found) but I hadn't seen much of their skin care products. It doesnt have a smell to me either.

How it works?

It removes makeup basically. I put a small amount on a small cotton pad and wipe my makeup off. There's not much to it but whats good about this product is that it doesn't need to be washed off like my Avon water.

Did it work?

Yes! it does , however only on face makeup. It hasn't removed my mascara and I haven't been using waterproof. Its also nice on the skin and doesn't feel heavy nor leave a wetness to the skin after, which is why it doesn't need washing off.


Apart from any issues that I have stated previous, I have been experiencing some angry spots. These blemishes could be due to exam stress ( The exam season has started for me) or school in general. So I'm willing to carry on trying it to get a true opinion.

Let me know your opinions on using Micellar Water in general or if you have tried this brand before.

Gee x

Friday, 13 March 2015

Make Up Academy | Brand Review


I have found myself going straight to the *MUA counter in Superdrug* instead of Rimmel and Bourjois which is where you would have usually found me.

MUA are a makeup brand here in the UK ( don't know if its a worldwide brand) which sells affordable , between £1 and roughly £8, products. Personally, had I not try them when I started to use makeup, I wouldn't buy their products now due to thinking if it was that price because it might not be very good. Oh how I would have been wrong!

I have a couple of their products but what I have been recently loving are their lip and nail products. Both are only a £1 but I would quite happily pay more. I will be reviewing both products today.


In a recent blog post, I was wearing *MUA's Shade 1 lipstick* ( Price £1). The colour is a matte dark red. I wanted to try a cheaper dark red lip before I brought MAC Hung up which I liked at the time. After I brought this, I feel in love with the formula , shade and staying power. I first wore it in London and it stayed on all night. Its not drying on the lips which is always a bonus in my eyes. I was worried about the shade not coming out the shade it looked like ( Does that make sense!) but it did and the colour match was perfect for me.

PS I haven't brought MAC's Hung up

Next I wanted to try MUA's special Matte range. Well its not special but the lipsticks in that range are all matte instead from their original collection which I believe is a mixture. My shade is in *Peachy Keen* (Price £1). I brought this shade as I wanted a summer colour. The formula in my opinion is not as good as the original collection but I love the colour range in the collection.


Recently I have brought the shade *Spearmint* (£1) as well as a *Top Coat* (£1). Whenever I paint my nails , they clip within the day or they smudge. But my nail varnish has lasted two weeks and I have just re painted them. At first, I didn't have a top coat and they last two weeks and now that I have re painted them, I have added MUA Top coat which so far has been amazing.

Also, they dry so quick which is a bonus as I can never sit still.

I would recommend MUA to anyone trying makeup or is looking for a new brand to try as I have been loving their products recently.
Let me know the brands that you like as I'm always looking for new brands to try

Gee x

Monday, 9 March 2015

Going Blonde-ish


So last month, I decided to add blonde to my hair as I was getting bored with the natural colour. So me and my hair dresser ( who I have known my whole life) decided on two golden shades to add to my hair. The dye is mainly on the bottom layer of my hair. We have kept my natural hair colour too so that the blonde is not over powering.
My hair does look like ombre ,however, its not. I have three layers , two of which is natural and the last has been dyed to the root. I love my new hair and I plan to lighten the blonde for spring and summer.
So I have been using a range of different products in order to keep my hair un damaged. I must admit it took at lot of guts to dye my hair due to being worried it would ruin it. Here are some of the products which I have been using;

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology *Shampoo* and *Conditioner*
I Love this and I can go three days without my hair getting greasy and needing a wash. My hair does feel and look thicker. I recommended it to a family friend and she loves it too. Great for thin hair.

Pantene Expert Collection *Split End Fuser*
This can be put on both wet and dry hair which is perfect for in the morning when my hair is dry. I have always had dry ends and I have found that my hair is a lot softer after using this product.

Herbal Essences Bee Strong *Leave-In Conditioner*
I put this leave in product on when my hair is dry or if I want to let my hair dry naturally.

I always forget how long my hair is and even though I have my tangle teaser , it still gets knotty. So I have purchased a spray which I hope will help my hair.
I love my new hair and I'm happy to finally find products which work well for my hair.
Let me know your go to hair products
Gee x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites


So its that time again , Favourite time! This month has been busy for me. I've had mock exams and birthdays including mine. So I have a couple of products which I have been loving this month.


French Connection Blouse!
I have been loving this! It was a present from my mum for my birthday and I love the print. I have been wearing it with my high waist jeans and my Zara Boots which leads me on to my next item

Zara Boots!
I have been wearing them to school, shopping and for general days out. They are so comfortable and were a treat to myself. At only £10 in the sale , I couldn't say no!

Make Up

Collection Liner!

I have been loving adding a small flick to my everyday make up. I have read loads of positive reviews on collection liners. So I decided to try one. I'm hoping to write a review soon.

Bourjois Volume Mascara!

I have been wanting my lashes to be long and separate. Before, my everyday mascara made my lashes more thick and added a small curl. This mascara makes my lashes look amazing compared.


Red - Taylor Swift!

I had my ipod on shuffle and a song from Taylor Swift's Red album came on and I forgot how good her Album was. I have also been loving her newest album too!

Sticky Page Tabs!

Weird! I know but since I've been revising for mocks, I have been organising all my work (especially for sociology!). I have found that they have helped me find my work and if I was stuck on an area, I could easily find the notes.

So that's some of my favourites so this month. Let me know what you have been loving this month

Gee x