Monday, 30 November 2015

Review | Forever Living


So if you saw my last post *HERE* then you will be expecting this post. If not and you are new then last week I wrote a First Impressions on some products given to me by an ambassador of the company, Forever Living.

This week, I am writing a review on some different products from the same company. I have been trailing these products for about a week so I understand my opinion isn't based on a long term trail but it will give a basic idea of each product.

Aloe Nourishing Serum

Product- Its quite a think toner which has a creamy feel to it. Three pumps every morning and night is recommended.

View- I love this product! Its like a drink for your skin! It makes your skin feel so soft and three pumps is needed as your skin drinks it up so fast. After applying, I found that the product would work great as a primer before your makeup as it really does smooth out your skin!

Rehydrating Toner

Product- It acts like any other toner and it works well along side the cleaner. Place the toner on a cotton pad and in circular motions, move around face until all makeup is removed.

View- I found that the smell of the product put me off and I found that it didn't remove my makeup or make my skin fell clean as well as my other toners. Overall, this is not my favourite but I love the lid of the bottle as it makes the product less messy.

Aloe Cleaner

Product- A creamy texture and follow the same instructions as the toner.

View- The smell is better than the toner and I found that there was quite a lot of product left on my face after using it- even with using a clean cotton pad to remove again. Its quite thick and I think that why.

Aloe Jojoba Shampoo

Product- its quite simple- You use this like any other shampoo

View- My mum tried this product and she loved it! My mum has shoulder length hair which she straightens everyday and since using this she doesn't have too. This is a big positive in my mum's book. You don't need a lot apparently which means that the bottle would be worth the money. She loves the conditioner also.

So that's it! My little reviewing collection of Forever Living. So far I have been loving the products and I cant wait to try some more in the future. Let me know that if you have tried Forever Living and the products you have!

Gee x  

Friday, 27 November 2015

First Impressions


So I have been working with the brand Forever Living *LINK* whose an ambassador , a friend of my mum, asked me to try some of their products. As I was given so many to try , I thought I would start with a first expressions and my opinion after one try then next week how the products worked and whether I truly liked them. Before I start, I want to make sure that it is clear that all opinions are my own and this is not an ad.

The brand is one of the biggest providers of products containing Aloe Vera. They use this due to its benefits to your skin as well as it being completely natural.

Aloe Scrub

The product description- Gentle exfoliating scrub which can be used daily and is gentle enough for use on the face. When applied, you should use your fingertips and apply in circular motions for 2-3 minutes.

Product- It has very fine exfoliating beads (?) which I feel make it less harsh on the skin. I followed the instructions on the side of the packaging, however, I feel that the recommended time of 2-3 minutes is a little far fetched especially if someone was in a rush in the morning. My skin did softer after using the product and as a whole, I would recommend this especially for people who feel that the exfoliators which harsher exfoliating beads are too harsh for their skin.

Aloe Moisturizing Lotion

The product description- Thick and creamy moisturiser. Great for very dry skin as a primer for makeup and used along side the hand and face soap ( a product sold by the company) to combat spots and any other blemishes.

Product- This product does what it says on the tin , it great for dry skin especially during these harsh winter months when my skin usually is very dry. I decided to test it on this own instead of under my foundation. But I will add a comment if it works as a primer in next weeks post. The crème is very thick however, it does get absorbed by the skin very quickly. Its great for on the go!

Tooth Gel

The product description- Fluoride free tooth gel contains Aloe which is a natural antiseptic and whitener. Great for healthy teeth and gums

Product- As you can see from the picture, its bright green however, I must say after two uses my teeth do feel cleaner and I can feel the freshness all day. Its quite a powerful minty scent and flavour and apparently its great for children too! I will like for the moisturiser add a comment next week for how I feel about the whitening statement.

Marine Mask

The product description- Clay type mask to be used once or twice a week to cleanse face and help tor educe appearance of pores and blackheads.

Product- I applied the mask and it was quite thick yet when i started to apply it turned very thin and clear. You couldn't see the mask on the skin. It recommends to keep the mask on for 15-20 and I followed this. However, sadly my skin had a bad reaction so i feel it is un fair to make any other comments. I loved the product however, my skin didn't.

So there are 4 different first impressions of Forever Living and so far I'm loving the different variety of products to chose from. Next week, there will be different products from the same brand however, how I feel about them after trying them for a week.

Let me know if you have heard or even tried the products yourself?

Gee x

Monday, 16 November 2015

Winter Look


So I have a couple of lipsticks which I have not worn yet so I thought that I would try one and I loved it . That made me think that I would write a little blog post on my perfect combination of lip products.

The two products I used were

Seventeen - Date Night LINK
Topshop Liner - Deception ( Very Similar) LINK

Both products stayed on all night and didnt move. It was the perfect colour combination that worked well with my glittery eyes ( MAC All that glitters). I also contoured and bronzed my face using a combination of smashbox contour kit and benefit hoola bronzer.

Also my outfit for the night was ASOS 

I loved my makeup and outfit (if I do say so myself) and I loved the formula of the Seventeen lipstick- Highly recommend!

Gee x

Monday, 9 November 2015

Get Ready with Me | Awards Edition


So yesterday , if you are reading this Monday, I was lucky enough to get tickets for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards for me and my friends. It was an amazing concert and the teen heros were amazing inspirations. Also Justin Bieber performed as a surprise which no one saw coming.

Before I start, I would like to say sorry for the quality of the photo as I was planning this post and I planned to get my friends to take outfit photos for me and I totally forgot.


Bourjois Primer // LINK
MAC Studio Fix Foundation
SmashBox Eyebrow Brunette // LINK
SmashBox Shape Matters Palette// LINK
The contour Section
Eye Shadows;
Champagne - All Over the lid
Taupe  ( From the same palette however from the brow section)- In the crease
Max Factor Eye Liner- Brown // LINK
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara // LINK
And just a little bit of Lip Balm


MissGuided Crop Top - Sale Item
Topshop Dress // LINK
Black Vans

So thats my little get ready with me for the concert. I didn't go out too much with my outfit and makeup as I have been before so I know how hot it gets and how much you jump around to the artists. I had an amazing time and I recommend getting tickets as they are cheaper for the amount of artists that you get to see.

Gee x

Monday, 2 November 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection


I love my MAC lipstick collection and I like to think that every one in my collection is different. I try to buy a different color or shade every time.
I thought that since I just brought a new MAC shade that I would show you my little collection. I say little because the lipstick collections I see are huge compared.
So lets begin..

MAC Crème Cup

My first MAC lipstick and I love it to death. Its my go to nude lipstick for when I want a bit of colour. Its a pink tone and the classic your lips but better shade. I recently wore this shade for my wedding get ready for me *LINK*. I love pairing it with either a subtle lip liner or a bold to make it stand out. I would recommend this to anyone who isn't brave enough to wear a bold lip or wants to purchase a MAC Lipstick.

MAC HoneyLove

This is a light brown shade which I think is more of a winter shade and one that I will be wearing all winter. Its a matte shade too. I don't wear this shade enough to be honest as it is a lovely shade. I got this when the Kylie Jenner matte brown lip was popular and no one knew what the shade she wore was. I loved this shade when I brought it and after this post, I need to wear it more.

MAC All Fired Up

I brought this shade online so it was more of a guess buy. I must be honest and say that I have yet to wear this shade, however, I love it never the less. Its one of my most boldest lipsticks and I think that's what I'm so nervous to wear it. Its a bold matte red pink. I cant really comment much on this one.

MAC Mehr

I got this one from the recommendation of Lily Pebbles *LINK*. I love watching her videos and she has been loving this lipstick and it seems like a perfect pink shade which is in the middle of light and bold. I have yet to wear this as I have only just brought it. But I can see this becoming my go to shade. I know I said that I like to think that I buy different shades every time but I actually have a very similar shade from NYX. Again, I cant comment too much on this as its a new purchase.

MAC Pink Poodle

This is not a lipstick but a gloss. I asked for this shade thinking that it was a lipstick and I'm not a lip gloss girl but I do love the bright pink shade. Its very gloss and sadly quite sticky. Its a good gloss to put over a lipstick to add shine to any make up look.

So that my collection! I like every shade and I don't buy for the sake of buying , even though my friends would say otherwise. If you would like to see my whole collection then comment below as I have a wide range of brands from Burberry to NYX and MUA.

Gee x