Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites


So its that time again for my favourites, there's not as much due to not shopping as much.

Let's get started....

First beauty, I have been loving Benefit Gimme Brow this month and I have recommended it to so many people. I use it on it's own and as a set so my eye brows stay on.

Next, I have been loving Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer. Its great coverage and the colour is perfect. I use it under my eyes and to cover blemishes.

Last beauty is Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy , It works so well. I put it on before bed on any spots and in the morning , they are a lot less noticeable and smaller.

I only have one fashion favourite this month, I was babysitting my baby cousin the other week and I wore this top from Dorothy Perkins its a Peplum Top ,  It's a bit big for me but I love it. Its perfect for lazy days and with leggings.

Food Favourite, I don't know about other countries but here in the UK Cadbury's bring out each Easter Mini Eggs. They are chocolate cover in sugar coating .. I think. I brought two packs because they are that good.

Media favourite is We are The Millers. My best friend brought it round and I did not stop laughing. Its a great film and the story line was really good.

That's all my favourites , sorry there was not a lot like usually but I have been so lazy that shopping takes effort.

Let me know your favourites and Follow me on BlogSpot or on here to get updates.

Gee x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Hauls and Reviews


So I have been buying spring / summer items so that I'm fully prepared for the summer.

I was have been trying different colours and styles which are on trend or that I think would be nice for a change.

So there's about ten items which I have brought, there not all brought at once. Also, I think I have more but I cant remember.

The first item which I got with my best friend was these Hair Rollers. I love these and they are prefect for my hair and fringe. I love how they make your hair bouncy. There are from Superdrug and was £5 , I think , and it comes with the bag and 18 ( I think) rollers.

Now when I went shopping with my best friend , she was looking for a new foundation so I went looking around boots. I found this lovely body spray ..... so lovely that the next day , I went back to Boots to buy another one. Its by Soap & Glory called Mist you madly. It reminds me of summer and the size of the bottle is perfect for your handbag which is where one of mine stays.

I went to Superdrug to get a new concealer but  Superdrug that I was at had a half price sale on Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I got True Ivory and I find that it is perfect shade and would look lovely with my Lipsy Bronzer during the summer. I have to say that its currently my favourite foundation.

I did find a concealer, everyone talks about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I got the shade cool medium however I find that its a bit too dark for my skin tone but it would look okay with my darker foundation . I would get the shade Fair instead I like the product and it does have great coverage but its not my favourite personally. 

I really wanted to try the Revlon Colourbrust lip balm in the orange tint one. I was not sure about the colour and I did not want to spend , I think , £8 on something that does not suit me. As a try before you buy product , I brought the Seventeen version. It was only £5 and that colour is similar. I have tried it one and I love it but I have yet to wear it outside the house.

My favourite colour base is the Colour Tattoo and I have the pink one and now I have the Eternal Gold one. I love this so much I think I am going to get another one in a different shade. I have been testing this by wearing it to school on its own to try and I'm sold.

So I love a good fashion magazine and when I saw a Model CO eye pencil , I could not wait to try it. It has a sharpener on the end , the pencil is so creamy and a rich black.

I have wanted a playsuit for ages but have not found the right one until I had a free at school and did a bit of online shopping. I know that sounds bad but I had nothing to do so BooHoo was the answer. This playsuit is black with like daisy flower. Along the neckline , it has a wedge cut out which I love because it adds that something. Its the perfect fit and has an invisible zip down the back which means it does not add to the design.

Pastels are SOO BIG this spring/summer so this long crop top from new look is right on trend. Its waffle material and has a button on the back. I love it was a black under top and my acid-washed jeans.

I found that summer dress , it has similar pattern to the playsuit. Its like a sun dress but with a white top underneath. Its from select and I love it. Its quite short but it will be okay for the beach or when I go out with the girls.

( No picture I could was good enough but I will be doing a summer look book soon so hopefully you will see it then)

I believe that's all. I can't not wait for the summer especially since a get an extra long one due to finishing school.

I need some more summer clothes so let me know where the best place :)

Gee x

Monday, 17 March 2014

Spring / Summer make up ideas


Well recently I have been buying a lot of spring and summer make up because I have a lot of warm tones and I need bright and cool colours. Pink and pastels are very much in this s/s and I try and wear less foundation during summer. I must admit that at the start of summer I do use a fake tan to start my summer look off, especially with British summer not always being the best.

 Right now is March and I have been looking at the deals and specials in drug stores and online.

I am a massive benefit make up fan ! For ages I used to walk to past their counter or watch lots of tutorials online and think I love that .... Oh and that! But I have never thought to  buy it! Which is stupid.

I recently brought a 'How to look the best at everything' kit which some different travel size makeup. It was only £20.00 and on special. I got it online from a place called QVC which is a shopping channel but does have an online store.  But I plan on using it during the summer !

It has very natural makeup in and has the new Porefessional. I am yet to try any of these products probably but I will do a review soon. It also came with the There real mascara:)

When I ordered this , I also ordered  gimme brow. I plan to wear this insted of my brow shadow or my mac. I got Light medium because my hair goes lighter in summer than winter.

The next product I did not buy and it was apart of a set I got for my birthday. It is this blue eye liner. I plan on wearing a black pencil liner along the top of my eye (thin) and then putting the blue above. The colour is quite bright which is perfect for summer.

( the second one in from the left)

I spoke about this in my February favourite and it's the colour tattoo. I love how you can wear it on its own, this perfect for summer as the colour is quite bright but natural at the same time. I think it would go well with the blue and black eyeliners. Also I find that a little goes a long way.

For lips, I find that unless there's a reason ( like a special occasion) that lipstick is not always needed. I find that lipgloss or butter works well. Which is because I brought a Baby lips, I never thought much of them until now. I have the Cherry Me and I love it. Recently I have been wearing it for school insted of my clear one, I think it's perfect for summer and I plan on going to get the Pale Pink version too.

For the summer days which I don't wear foundation , I usually wear a bit of blush still to get a little rose cheek. Last summer I wore this , Beauty UK as you can see it's very bright but when it's on the cheek it's not that powerful. I don't use the brush that comes with it because when I first used it , it left a line of blush so I use a bronzed brush in order to blend it on the skin without the line.

Well I think that's most of my spring/ summer make up ideas but knowing me it will change! But I will keep you updated :)

I need more Summer products so let me know:)

Gee x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Hair Box | Hair Series


Well I said that I would do a hair series due to recently having my hair cut. ( It's been a year) Anyway, I have a big-ish tin with all my hair care products in. There's not much in there at the moment because I've only recently got the idea to put things in it.

The tin is from Umberto Giannini with a girl with amazing hair in my opinion. I got the tin as a Christmas present , it had had some of the products in it along with some makeup and nail sets.

Well, the first thing well things  are the Love heart rollers. I have not used them yet properly but I love them. I do have normal rollers but I have lost them whilst changing my room and sorting everything out.

The next few things which are sort of the same but in different ways is Oil. Oil for the hair is very good, there's different kinds coconut , argan etc , but if you use it before heat then it can damage your hair. So I tend to use it after to thicken my hair and make it glossy.

So there's the spray oil which is light and makes my hair feel so soft.

The next is an actual oil. I find that using this when I'm not going to dry my hair is best so that when it naturally dries its nice and soft curls. ( My natural hair)

Due to having a new parted fringe , I need volume so I have got this VO5 give me texture I find it makes my hair feel funny but when I leave it an comb it in , it works well creating the right about of volume. Its a powder substance which makes it easier to put in my roots.

The next item is the Rough Stuff Texture Paste , I have yet to use it but I cant wait.

Next is the  Scrunch Up the Volume Cream which I have used to create a messy ponytail. It worked well and created a great messy ponytail which I wore to an interview.

When my hair needs a bit of a wave , I use this beach matt. It smells amazing and works well in creating curls and waves in my hair.

The last item is probably my favourite and that is the Backcombing hairspray. This is the best and helps any back combed look. I would recommend this to anyone looking for that perfect hairspray. I'm afraid that i don't know the price but I know that they do it in boots. This can in the tin.

I do have more hairspray but its on my desk so its easy to grab whenever i need it.

Hope that this was okay .... its a bit different to the usual.

Gee x

Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites


Well its that time again. This month has been a mad one for me and due to my birthday being in this month I have gotten lots of different items which I love.

Well I will start with make up. This is not really a favourite product but technique or trend . For the latest spring/summer make up look this year is light browns and gold's on the eye lids. I have been testing this trend and I have to say that I love this. TIP; if you have not got any gold or browns use your bronzer.

Before I remembered that I have a brown eye shadow palette and different single shadows, I used my Collection Little Mix bronzer which has lots of different shades in. (Ps my new favourite bronzer :) )

In the picture , I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold as a base and used the bronzer over the top.

This leads me to my next favourite which is the colour tattoo. | love it as a base under a colour and on its own. The texture is very creamy and light. I find that it does not crease either, also , its easy to blend.

I don't think I have had a hair favourite before so mine is the soft thistle brush. When I'm being lazy (pretty much 24/7) or I don't want to use heat , I find that some heat protectors make my hair feel funny, I let my hair go naturally curly.

If it goes wrong and the curls look horrible , I use the brush to create soft waves. I love this method as they stay in with out hairspray.

Being in the UK and having horrible weather all the time, I have seen the sun recently so I have been buying and trying new summer and spring clothing. (Hopefully Haul coming soon...)

I have said about this before but my pink coat. Its lightweight so perfect for them windy spring summer days.

Me and clothes with collars..... its becomes unhealthy. I have a few pieces with have peter pan collars but if they don't I have this to help.......

Its a collar necklace :D I wear in with plain tops and jumpers to have it look like a have collared top on.

Well I am loving 5 Second of Summer's She Looks So Perfect. The video has recently come out and is interesting.... But I love their music. They were One Direction Starting Act and were amazing then.

Also, I have been loving Peanut Butter flavoured food. Weird favourite but oh well.

Well that's it :) like I said I will try and do a haul as soon as possible and I'm finally getting a hair cut after about a year so I will try and do a hair series or something :)

Gee x