Monday, 25 November 2013

Hair Beauty Favourites

Hair Products!


I thought that I would do a couple of my hair favourites. Over the past years , I hated the shortness of my hair ; for these last three years I have been growing out my hair. I am a natural brunette but when I was younger , I thought that I would follow the latest trend of red hair. Oh how wrong was I ! It looked to say the least very interesting and I have been growing it out ever since. Currently, the bottom of my hair , the ends, are a mixture of red and brown.  I have been told that it looks dip dye so it hopefully looks okay.

I try and take care of my hair 24/7 as it has a mind of it's own. Some days , it will be the natural wavy ,curly way but some days it will be a fizzy ball. My dad lives with a hairdresser so finding products which work is quite easy. I tend to look online at products as they usually have others reviews about it.

The first product which I think helps with straightened hair and if you have hair like mine which sometimes goes fizzy after straightening. My life saver in many situations, Is the Schwarzkopf Got2b oil-licious weightless dry oil. This is a basically argon oil which makes your hair go nice and shiny. I asked my hairdresser about it and she said not to use it before using heat due to when heat is applied that it will burn your hair. For my hair, I thought that it would make it look greasy but I brought it any way to give it a try , however, it really works and is great for two-day hair. The price is around £3-4. You get a big 5oz bottle and you only need a small amount. It works by lightly spraying on you hair and brushing it through to the ends. Overall, it leaves your hair looking fresh and glossy.

Now , I think that Schwarzkopf is a great hair care company and works really well. The next product is from the same set as the first but slightly different in the fact that the first one is a spray and this one is an actual oil. This is Schwarzkopf Got2b oil-licious tame and shine styling oil. It's great for two-day hair as it stops fizzy and makes your hair easy to style. You don't need a lot but I think that the price is a bit steep for the size of bottle. At £4 for 50 ml , I would get this product but use when appropriate. You pump a small amount on to your fingertips and work at the roots and brush through to the ends.

The next review is .. as you guessed it another Schwarzkopf product. This product is amazing for two-day hair as it makes your hair look like you have styled your hair. Schwarzkopf Got2b Beach matt Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray, this product makes your hair not only smell amazing but makes it go slightly curly but mainly wavy. I first used for going to a meal after I washed my hair and it worked but not as well as when I used it on two-day hair. You don't need a lot as if over used , it can make you hair very sticky and hard to tame. Its £4 and well worth the money. You spray at the ends on your hair and grab a small amount of your hair and scrunch it in your hands and leave it to curl.

Moving away from Schwarzkopf, I thought that I would include a heat protector. This VO5 Plump it up Blow Dry Lotion at 200ml , is great for adding volume and protects your hair at the same time. I have done some research, it's apart of a range of similar Plump it up products and I cant find what temperature it protects too. However, I find that for my thick hair it adds volume greatly. It , also, works on fine hair too. It costs around £3.70. I would totally recommend it if you need a bit of a hair boost. It's best works if you dry your hair upside down ; I recently used it normal and it worked just as well.

Finally, the next product is what every girl needs and that's dry shampoo. The amount of days in which my hair looks horrible and needs a boost until I can wash it later , are un-countable. There are many brands that sell dry shampoo but the one I want to review is Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. Not only does it smell AMAZING but works a great deal. The only down side is that you have to rub it in a great deal so that you don't look like you have grey hair. I have not found one which is over £3.
( Another amazing brand for dry shampoo would be VO5)

Well , that's my favourite hair products at the moment so I thought that I would share with you some of them.

Don't know if you know but I post every Monday as I usually go shopping during the week end so I have some tie to write a haul.

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Gee x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Shopping Haul

Last week's shopping haul (finished)


Last week was my introduction to myself. I started a shopping haul but I not finish it. I did this for a reason because i wanted to go into great detail of what I brought. There is a lot because it was an 8 hour shopping day and come on who going to go shopping and not come back with anything?

So as I said before , I went to Bluewater a massive shopping centre. When we arrived (me and my mum ) , we went into New look. Being one of my favourites , New Look did not disappoint. With Christmas coming up, I needed something to wear and a little black dress  seemed to be the prefect idea. It was only £10 and a bargain at that. Having a small waist in proportion to the rest of my body, the skater dress was prefect for my figure. The zip at the back goes all the way down in the bottom of my back and needs a bit of a tug when getting on due to the where the seam is joined. The material is nice and thick and can be dressed up with gold coloured jewellery. There is a pattern on the material but its hard to explain. It's like a swirly , flowery pattern.Also, in new look I got some mid rings ( in previous blog) which I love and have been looking at for ages. They were £2.99 for four. I would not wear them at the same time like in the picture but it was just to show you what they look like.

As stated previously , I got some extra spending money from my dad which I spent in Superdry. I got another black dress which has a low back and it covered in flecks of sparkles. Who does not like a bit of glitter? It was £34.99 and is great value. It can be worn as a casual outfit or even dressed up with heels and black tights. The women in the store said that because of the body con like feel to the dress it can be worn tucked in with jeans. I probably wont do this but its always an opinion.

 Next in River Island, I was looking for some trousers but found a really nice yet very simple top. With the words "Fashion Addict" written across it , I loved the top and could dress it with lots of things In my winter wardrobe. This was the only item I got and at £15 , I believe its a must have.

I was still in need of trousers and I found a really nice pair in Forever 21.  When I first saw them , I admit they were my weird "try me" garment. My mum did not like them at all when I showed her the trousers but I was still un decided. Being black and green, I loved the pattern and the material is not flexible around the leg but is around the waist. They fall around the top of my ankle due to my height but I like that about them. The only thing I was a bit worried about was what could I match them with. I think that a simple black top will work. My mum actually liked them more on me than when she saw them on the hanger. So that's a bonus! They were £12 . 75 which I don't think is too bad since I found more expensive ones than these.

If you don't get blemishes then I'm so jealous of you! If I don't look after my skin then it looks horrible. But I have found a concealer/spot cleanser which actually works. Now you may be thinking , what is she on about spot cleanser and concealer? Well my friends , this bare minerals product is £15 and covers spots under your make up while stopping them from progressing further. It's called Blemish ready and is only small but comes with a brush too. You only need a small amount on the skin. It's yellow but once on the skin , is invisible to the eye. i would totally recommend this product.

I also brought a brush cleaner. Now I have real technique brushes which are amazing but are a nightmare to clean without any proper cleaner. This is amazing and actually cleans them really well. It's bare minerals called Quick change. Only £10 , its much cheaper than the mac cleaner ( have no used it ). The smell is alright but whose going to smell the brushes?

Looking at it now, there's not a lot but we did get other stuff which is not for me but others too. Like in the Disney store, I got a Christmas present for my little cousin. If you ever get the chance to go into a Disney store then do it no matter what age because you automatically turn into a little child. I had a picture with Cinderella, I love all the Disney princess'.

We did stop and have coffee and lunch through out the day. Having my first burrito, which was lovely and don't understand why I waited so long to have one, we brought some cupcakes. They were some delicious flavours such as red velvet and rocky road. We got four cupcakes and two favours , Banana and peanut butter. They were so taste , that I want the recipe.

I , also, tried the Costa Christmas range drinks. I had the white hot chocolate with cream and gold edible stars. Now I personally love white hot chocolate more than the normal hot chocolate. It was so good and I drank it straight away which is weird for me because it takes me ages normally.

Overall, we had a successful day in which we got lots of goodies. I loved spending time with my mum and had a laugh with her too.

Gee x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Introduction and shopping haul (Plus some favourites too )


Well this is my first blog and my first post. I thought I would post about my latest favourites including both fashion and beauty. Soon to be starting college, I am studying (hopefully) art and design in hope to start and be apart from the fashion industry. Loving most about fashion, I enjoy the pure beauty of re-designing yourself using simple clothes and make-up. 
 Being a British teenager, I love all things vintage , some might say British. I love music and pretty much always have my headphones and my iPod on me. I hope to inform you of my latest purchases and outfits , in hope that I can help and aid others.
 Well, some of my recent purchases have many been beauty;I'm trying to widen my beauty collection. I mainly try to buy high street brands instead of high end because (don't know about over sea companies) many high street stores make similar products. Attending school five days a week and going out on my weekends, I'm not really one for going out with no makeup even if its just concealer, however, I try and have at least one make-up free day. One of the best make-up removers and moisturises I have come across is Nivea's Refreshing Cleansing Lotion. I have personally tried to find make up removers which not damage my skin and to their job. However, I have not really found on until now. I have previously used normal make-up wipes but have found that they leave my skin really moist and shiny. But this product is one of the best I have found so far. I believe that you can find it in any drugs store. This cost around £3 to 4 and its a big bottle too. I only use a small pea size amount so its worth its money.
I love lipsticks at the moment for my winter make-up as when using the correct shade can help your make-up look. I have been trying to collect warmer shade for winter and bright shades for summer. In summer, I mainly used bright pinks , however , for winter I have been searching for berry and purple shades. One of my favourite purple/berry lip colours has been the Little Mix range from Collection. The one which I have brought was the Perrie lipstick which is a dark purple and makes the lips look fuller and draws the attention to them. I brought it from the drug store , Superdrug and have been loving it ever since. All the range is under £5 and the lipstick was only £3 which is great value for money. When I first brought it , I went into the coffee shops toilet to try it on. I was with my friend whilst putting it on and she loved it so much that she is planning on buying it for her self. Later on during the day , I met with my best friend and her mum, I got compliments on my lips. After about a weeks time when I saw her mum again , she had brought the lipstick and had been wearing it. I would totally recommend it for your winter makeup this season.  
 With Christmas coming up and lots of parties, I have been trying to master the Smokey eye look. I have been trying to find the perfect kit which is easy to use however works well. When searching though the sale items, I noticed a collection of different eye shadows. With three smokey colours, I had found a Rimmel London eye palette called Trio Eye Shadow which had instructions on how to apply to create the look. It's quite easy but I think it takes time to really work and give the correct effect. Since it was in the sale, I only had to pay £3.50 but I have had a look at the actually price is around the £4 to £5 mark. But if in need for a simple eye palette then this is the one for you. It also comes in different shades but I wanted the black/silver option (shade; 710 Twilight Zone).
 During these last couple of weeks, I have been preparing for upcoming exams which has taken over my life and my brain was full with maths equations and English questions. However this past week, I have completed my last exams for this year ( I hope anyway) and have been treated by my school with a four day week end. This can only mean one thing and one thing only.... lots of shopping!
 I love shopping; the pure joyfulness of buying something new which you know will fit your wardrobe perfectly. I try not to buy something every week whether it be make-up , shoes or clothes however sometimes I cant help myself. But due to finishing my exams, my parents are treating me to a whole day at Bluewater ( a massive shopping centre full of big brand shops). Bluewater is lovely and has an easy layout which allows you to have a successful shop. Always comes in handy, don't you think?
So on Monday morning, I prepared my self for the task of getting my self ready for the 8 hours of shopping. I was in need of something that was comfortable yet stylish however easy to remove when trying clothes on. I decided that I was defiantly going to wear my conserves and skinny jeans. In the end, I chose my boohoo white shirt with my boohoo blazer. (Don't have a picture)

When we arrived , the shops had only been open for about half an hour so the centre was not busy at all. The first shop we went to was new look and I got some nice bits in there including some mid rings which I adore. I will be doing a proper shopping haul next week once I have sorted everything out because there's a lot.

Due to finishing my exams , my dad give my some more spending money which I gladly spent in Superdry. I got a black dress for the amazing prize of £34.99 which I was truly astonished by because I picked it thinking it was going to be a lot more.

I will finish the haul next week due to this really only being an introduction to myself. I'm not going to lie , I'm sitting here typing this up with a cup of tea in hand with my feet killing me from all that shopping. However , this a picture of the amount of bags we had to carry around.

Gee x