Monday, 18 November 2013

Shopping Haul

Last week's shopping haul (finished)


Last week was my introduction to myself. I started a shopping haul but I not finish it. I did this for a reason because i wanted to go into great detail of what I brought. There is a lot because it was an 8 hour shopping day and come on who going to go shopping and not come back with anything?

So as I said before , I went to Bluewater a massive shopping centre. When we arrived (me and my mum ) , we went into New look. Being one of my favourites , New Look did not disappoint. With Christmas coming up, I needed something to wear and a little black dress  seemed to be the prefect idea. It was only £10 and a bargain at that. Having a small waist in proportion to the rest of my body, the skater dress was prefect for my figure. The zip at the back goes all the way down in the bottom of my back and needs a bit of a tug when getting on due to the where the seam is joined. The material is nice and thick and can be dressed up with gold coloured jewellery. There is a pattern on the material but its hard to explain. It's like a swirly , flowery pattern.Also, in new look I got some mid rings ( in previous blog) which I love and have been looking at for ages. They were £2.99 for four. I would not wear them at the same time like in the picture but it was just to show you what they look like.

As stated previously , I got some extra spending money from my dad which I spent in Superdry. I got another black dress which has a low back and it covered in flecks of sparkles. Who does not like a bit of glitter? It was £34.99 and is great value. It can be worn as a casual outfit or even dressed up with heels and black tights. The women in the store said that because of the body con like feel to the dress it can be worn tucked in with jeans. I probably wont do this but its always an opinion.

 Next in River Island, I was looking for some trousers but found a really nice yet very simple top. With the words "Fashion Addict" written across it , I loved the top and could dress it with lots of things In my winter wardrobe. This was the only item I got and at £15 , I believe its a must have.

I was still in need of trousers and I found a really nice pair in Forever 21.  When I first saw them , I admit they were my weird "try me" garment. My mum did not like them at all when I showed her the trousers but I was still un decided. Being black and green, I loved the pattern and the material is not flexible around the leg but is around the waist. They fall around the top of my ankle due to my height but I like that about them. The only thing I was a bit worried about was what could I match them with. I think that a simple black top will work. My mum actually liked them more on me than when she saw them on the hanger. So that's a bonus! They were £12 . 75 which I don't think is too bad since I found more expensive ones than these.

If you don't get blemishes then I'm so jealous of you! If I don't look after my skin then it looks horrible. But I have found a concealer/spot cleanser which actually works. Now you may be thinking , what is she on about spot cleanser and concealer? Well my friends , this bare minerals product is £15 and covers spots under your make up while stopping them from progressing further. It's called Blemish ready and is only small but comes with a brush too. You only need a small amount on the skin. It's yellow but once on the skin , is invisible to the eye. i would totally recommend this product.

I also brought a brush cleaner. Now I have real technique brushes which are amazing but are a nightmare to clean without any proper cleaner. This is amazing and actually cleans them really well. It's bare minerals called Quick change. Only £10 , its much cheaper than the mac cleaner ( have no used it ). The smell is alright but whose going to smell the brushes?

Looking at it now, there's not a lot but we did get other stuff which is not for me but others too. Like in the Disney store, I got a Christmas present for my little cousin. If you ever get the chance to go into a Disney store then do it no matter what age because you automatically turn into a little child. I had a picture with Cinderella, I love all the Disney princess'.

We did stop and have coffee and lunch through out the day. Having my first burrito, which was lovely and don't understand why I waited so long to have one, we brought some cupcakes. They were some delicious flavours such as red velvet and rocky road. We got four cupcakes and two favours , Banana and peanut butter. They were so taste , that I want the recipe.

I , also, tried the Costa Christmas range drinks. I had the white hot chocolate with cream and gold edible stars. Now I personally love white hot chocolate more than the normal hot chocolate. It was so good and I drank it straight away which is weird for me because it takes me ages normally.

Overall, we had a successful day in which we got lots of goodies. I loved spending time with my mum and had a laugh with her too.

Gee x


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