Monday, 11 November 2013

Introduction and shopping haul (Plus some favourites too )


Well this is my first blog and my first post. I thought I would post about my latest favourites including both fashion and beauty. Soon to be starting college, I am studying (hopefully) art and design in hope to start and be apart from the fashion industry. Loving most about fashion, I enjoy the pure beauty of re-designing yourself using simple clothes and make-up. 
 Being a British teenager, I love all things vintage , some might say British. I love music and pretty much always have my headphones and my iPod on me. I hope to inform you of my latest purchases and outfits , in hope that I can help and aid others.
 Well, some of my recent purchases have many been beauty;I'm trying to widen my beauty collection. I mainly try to buy high street brands instead of high end because (don't know about over sea companies) many high street stores make similar products. Attending school five days a week and going out on my weekends, I'm not really one for going out with no makeup even if its just concealer, however, I try and have at least one make-up free day. One of the best make-up removers and moisturises I have come across is Nivea's Refreshing Cleansing Lotion. I have personally tried to find make up removers which not damage my skin and to their job. However, I have not really found on until now. I have previously used normal make-up wipes but have found that they leave my skin really moist and shiny. But this product is one of the best I have found so far. I believe that you can find it in any drugs store. This cost around £3 to 4 and its a big bottle too. I only use a small pea size amount so its worth its money.
I love lipsticks at the moment for my winter make-up as when using the correct shade can help your make-up look. I have been trying to collect warmer shade for winter and bright shades for summer. In summer, I mainly used bright pinks , however , for winter I have been searching for berry and purple shades. One of my favourite purple/berry lip colours has been the Little Mix range from Collection. The one which I have brought was the Perrie lipstick which is a dark purple and makes the lips look fuller and draws the attention to them. I brought it from the drug store , Superdrug and have been loving it ever since. All the range is under £5 and the lipstick was only £3 which is great value for money. When I first brought it , I went into the coffee shops toilet to try it on. I was with my friend whilst putting it on and she loved it so much that she is planning on buying it for her self. Later on during the day , I met with my best friend and her mum, I got compliments on my lips. After about a weeks time when I saw her mum again , she had brought the lipstick and had been wearing it. I would totally recommend it for your winter makeup this season.  
 With Christmas coming up and lots of parties, I have been trying to master the Smokey eye look. I have been trying to find the perfect kit which is easy to use however works well. When searching though the sale items, I noticed a collection of different eye shadows. With three smokey colours, I had found a Rimmel London eye palette called Trio Eye Shadow which had instructions on how to apply to create the look. It's quite easy but I think it takes time to really work and give the correct effect. Since it was in the sale, I only had to pay £3.50 but I have had a look at the actually price is around the £4 to £5 mark. But if in need for a simple eye palette then this is the one for you. It also comes in different shades but I wanted the black/silver option (shade; 710 Twilight Zone).
 During these last couple of weeks, I have been preparing for upcoming exams which has taken over my life and my brain was full with maths equations and English questions. However this past week, I have completed my last exams for this year ( I hope anyway) and have been treated by my school with a four day week end. This can only mean one thing and one thing only.... lots of shopping!
 I love shopping; the pure joyfulness of buying something new which you know will fit your wardrobe perfectly. I try not to buy something every week whether it be make-up , shoes or clothes however sometimes I cant help myself. But due to finishing my exams, my parents are treating me to a whole day at Bluewater ( a massive shopping centre full of big brand shops). Bluewater is lovely and has an easy layout which allows you to have a successful shop. Always comes in handy, don't you think?
So on Monday morning, I prepared my self for the task of getting my self ready for the 8 hours of shopping. I was in need of something that was comfortable yet stylish however easy to remove when trying clothes on. I decided that I was defiantly going to wear my conserves and skinny jeans. In the end, I chose my boohoo white shirt with my boohoo blazer. (Don't have a picture)

When we arrived , the shops had only been open for about half an hour so the centre was not busy at all. The first shop we went to was new look and I got some nice bits in there including some mid rings which I adore. I will be doing a proper shopping haul next week once I have sorted everything out because there's a lot.

Due to finishing my exams , my dad give my some more spending money which I gladly spent in Superdry. I got a black dress for the amazing prize of £34.99 which I was truly astonished by because I picked it thinking it was going to be a lot more.

I will finish the haul next week due to this really only being an introduction to myself. I'm not going to lie , I'm sitting here typing this up with a cup of tea in hand with my feet killing me from all that shopping. However , this a picture of the amount of bags we had to carry around.

Gee x


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