Monday, 20 January 2014

Self Made Pamper Day

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I had done a Pamper day before Christmas but I wanted to wait to publish it. I was watching a Youtuber and they mentioned about how they were having a pamper day themselves. So this got me thinking about how I would love to have one myself. They were using big high end brand names and I thought that instead of going out and buying products that I could make some products myself.

I'm going to show you how I made three products. I will review them and hopefully you can copy or get some ideas for your every own pamper day :)

First product was a body scrub , my skin was been quite dry due to the harsh British winter weather. I found a range of websites which had loads of different recipes to help your skin , however none which had ingredients that I either had in my kitchen or could quick pop down to the shop to buy.

I found a mixture of two easy to find/buy that made a body scrub which helps your skin.
* Olive Oil
* Sugar

Hopefully the images are helpful , however , I will explain the best way I can.

1) In a container , add any amount of sugar
2) Add a small amount of olive oil to sugar
3) Mix until all sugar is covered in oil
4) Ready to use


It was really nice on the skin and after I had finished drying off , my skin was defiantly smoother. Would totally recommend this for dry skin :)

Next was a face mask for black heads. Being a teenager , I have quite bad skin due to makeup and age. I researched into a facemask to help spots.

* Sugar ( 1 tablespoon)
* Water ( 2 tablespoons)
* Baking powder ( 3 tablespoons) OR baking soda ( 1 tablespoon)

1) Add water and sugar into a container
2) Add baking powder/soda , this will fizz and create bubbles
3) Mix until all fizzing
4) leave for about 30seconds to 1 minute , until a powder like form.
5) Apply to face or where you get most spots ( IMPORTANT- don't get in eyes or mouth)
6) Leave until you want to remove ( I left mine on for around about 10 minutes)


It works as my spots have reduced both in numbers and redness. However, while it was on
, my face felt funny. I can't explain how it felt funny but it did.

Lastly, My least favourite product I made. My hair was really bad and felt horrible before I done this, so I found a hair treatment called Olive Oil Treatment.


* Olive Oil ( 3 tablespoons)
* Cleat Honey ( 2 tablespoons)


1) Add honey to a container
2) Add Olive Oil as well
3) Mix well
4) Leave on for 15 Minutes
TIP IF USED: Wash hair thoroughly until all oil and honey is removed.


ITS HORRIBLE!! Well at first as least. My hair after was so greasy and horrible so I washed it out with a natural shampoo and conditioner also made of honey. It worked really well and my hair is so soft and feels amazing.

That's everything done and made ready for the pampering day. I ran a bath and added lots of bubbles and found some bath bombs and beads to add to the water.

So that's my pamper day done and I felt like I really needed it.

Hope you enjoyed my products and reviews , Let me know of your own creations and what you thought of mine :)

Gee x

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