Monday, 6 January 2014

January Sale Items


I went shopping the day after boxing day with my mum's best friend. She's an amazing person to go shopping with as she finds all the bargains.

Not far from where I live , there's a massive shopping centre which has lots of big brands. We left early that morning to get there before everyone. I thought that people would have the same idea as us , however, I was wrong it was pretty empty considering how busy it got during the day.

The first shop was Boots , a big drugstore here in the UK. Having a massive half price sale on , people were grabbing two of everything. I found lots of products which I liked but I wanted to purchase things which I needed or defiantly wanted.

Rimmel London was a makeup window ( don't know what to call it ) in the store, they had a three for two sale on all Rimmel products. I got a Stay Matte in Peach Glow , this is my favourite shade and product. Its great for putting over your foundation.  The next product was a skin coloured eye liner , I use it on my bottom water line to brighten up my eyes. The free product I got was a pink nail varnish in Strawberry Fizz. I wore this colour for new year and its like a hot pink colour.

Next was Topshop, they had a half price sale but I could not find anything that I really liked so that was disappointing , however, I brought some blue and cream frilly socks. My favourite :)

Then off to Forever 21 , I love this shop not only for the clothes but the layout of the shop. Sounds weird but I like that they have tops and trousers separate and the jewellery in the centre; its just an easy layout. I really needed a new jumper and the one I found was £19 down to £13. It has two black strips on both sleeves. Its thick and cosy along with the front coming to my hips and the back stopping bottom back. I love how oversized it is. I ,also, got a gold chain to go with the jumper and the next item. It was £5.

To River Island, I got a gold and black crop top. The material is loose and thin. Being both loose and crop, I plan on wearing a mid-skirt or a pair of black trousers. It was only £8 in the sale , I'm not too sure what it was before.

I found out that there was a MAC store in one of the department stores. So I wanted to go and have a look into their foundation and I needed an eyebrow shadow. There was NO sale but I got NC15 studio fix foundation and Charcoal Brown shadow for my eyebrows. It's very dark but the perfect match , I'm saving both for special occasions and possible makeup tutorials.

Next New look, I found a really cute black dress with , like leather, material detail around the neckline. I has a visible zip at the back which stops low back and adds to the dress. It was only £9 down from £20-30 , I can't remember the price before the sale.

Then I went to a Bare Minerals store which had a mini sale. I wanted to get a highlighter  but instead I got a face powder which goes over your make up during the day to help your makeup. I have not used it yet but I am going to put it in my school bag and hand bag , just in case. It was £10 down from the £15+ mark.

That was all that I got from my shopping day , then I noticed that Boohoo had a massive sale. I got two items , one from the sale and the other not. The sale item was a peter pan collar top. The print is really interesting and I thought that I would not like as much as I do.

Next was a Over sized skater dress, I wanted a dress that I could relax it. It , also , has a peter pan collar ( seeing a pattern ;) ). I Love the colour and the contrasting collar.

They , also , had no post and packing fee , so go and check that out. They also ship world wide and I will leave a link below. ( Im not sure when it ends)

Web Address-->  Boohoo

That's all my sale items and I'm pleased with my purchases. Let me know if you got anything in the New Year sales :)

Gee x

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