Monday, 28 July 2014

Prom Dress and Goodbyes | Mini Prom Seris


Well that is the last part of Mini Prom Series. 

I thought I would start with the dress! I loved my dress , I got it from a store which holds lots of different designers and company's work. My dress was quite plain compared to the other girls dresses at my school which I don't mind as that's what I wanted. 

The pictures are a mix between the actual Prom day and the fittings as the pictures don't show as much of the dress on the prom day as the fitting days. It was my first dress that I tried on and no I did not buy it straight away, me and my best friend went to look around at different shops up we both decided that the dresses from the first shop were the ones. Here is a link to their Facebook page which shows pictures of the prom dresses they sell as well as other clothes that they sell.  (

My dress was perfect for me as I think that you used dress to your personality and loves. I love simply dresses and I'm known to like the colour pink even though I wanted a navy blue. I matched it with a tinker bell necklace from the  Disney jewellery line and a pink bracelet. I loved the back of my dress and it was quite simple but was a nice detail. 

I had my hair curled and pinned back. I done my makeup ( last post) and my shoes were the same colour as my dress with a small heel and silver and gold straps. 

Prom day!

Well I thought that I would not get stressed and panic as much as I did. In the morning I had a face mask and was all relaxed until I started my makeup.  My hair appointment to a long time which meant that I would have to do some of my makeup before hand and some after. But my hair appointment took longer than I thought which meant that I was worried that I would be late to my friends to get pictures and the limo. Lucky I finished my makeup in time and arrived to my friends a tad early which meant that I could finally take a breather. Ha. 

The prom was not what I was excepting , it was an amazing night with friends and teachers. Not many people cried , I didn't because I knew that I was going to see my close friends at a party the following weekend so I could say good bye properly then. People looked beautiful and everyone put the effort in. We had a theme of grease and had fair stalls. We were at a show ground which has lots of big halls. We had a big brother style room which we would go in and say thank you teachers and say our memories. Also, a dj from a radio station came to do our music from the night which was the best part. I have never danced or laughed with my friends so much. 

I hope that you had/have an amazing prom and don't be sad that you may be leaving friends because that's not important it's being with them now that matters. 

Well I hope that yon enjoyed the little series. Let me know if you have or had your prom and what it was like. But if you have not had it yet , let me know the dress that you wanted. 

Gee x


  1. This prom series is amazing!! This will really help me as my prom is next week :) you look amazing by the way!

    1. Thank you :) Have a lovely time at your Prom!!


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