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Georgias Favourites | FRIEND TAKEOVER #1


This week, Gee’s blog will be taken over by Georgia and Rachael! We are Gee’s friends and as she is on holiday this week, we agreed to do a Favourites on behalf of her whilst she is enjoying some well deserved sunshine! Neither of us are as good as fashion/beauty like Gee is, so instead of doing a Favourites based on just clothes or make up products, we are going to do an everything Favourites!

Georgia’s Favourites

To kick things off, I will start on the theme of decor. This piece of wall art is something that I adore, I have had it a while but I love how cute and simple it is. My room has the theme of green so it matches it so well. This was from Dunelm Mill and only cost £4.99. 

Next, I have 3 sets of fairy lights in my room that I thought deserved a place in my favourites because I absolutely love them. I have a pink fluffy set, a pink flower set and a butterfly set that all hang in various places in my room. They give my room a cosy feel when they are switched on and are really pretty. I don’t know how much the pink flower set was and I don’t know where they are from because I got them so long ago. However both the pink fluffy set and the butterfly set are both from Argos with the prices ranging from £14.99-£19.99. 

This month I got the iPhone 5c because I thought it was about time I needed an upgrade from my previous Blackberry. I managed to get a deal with Vodafone which included 4GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited calls for £21.30 a month. I think it was this cheap because the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have just come out (they were both way too expensive for me to afford, hahaha) I got the blue 5c but I did originally want the green. However, the blue has grown on me and I have actually started to like it a lot more. I still need to get a case because I am very clumsy so I am likely to drop it sooner rather than later!

I got 2 flower garlands for my Birthday in August which are from Claire’s. These are easy to be able to pull off and can make a simple outfit stand out more. I have two different colours, the pink and the daisy which can both easily go with anything. These were both £3.99 each

I have 3 nail varnishes which were also birthday gifts. The green and the burgundy are both Kelly Brook nail varnishes which were both £1 each from New Look. They last really well and I like these colours because they are very autumnal to match the weather we have in October. The pink one is a beauty UK nail varnish. This was £2.99 from boots and lasts very long. I had it on for about a week without it chipping, I would strongly recommend this nail varnish.

In terms of skin care, I use these three items in my morning/night time routine. (From left to right) I use the clear skin gel after I use the exfoliator and cleanser. I put it on at night so it can reduce the redness of any blemishes overnight which are visibly better by the morning. It was £3.99 from Avon. Next is the facial cleanser. This is from Wilko and you can get 2 for £1.50. It makes your skin feel softer and is good for removing any make up. Lastly is the St. Ives exfoliator. This works really well in order to un-clog your pores. I’m not sure where this was from or the price of it but it does work really well and makes your skin feel better!

Moving onto clothing, I have a dress which is one of my all-time favourite dresses. I love it so much that I have had it since 2012! It came from New Look and was £29.99. Although it may seem a bit pricey, it was good value because as you can see, it has lasted ages. I love it so much because you can wear it pretty much every season because it can easily be worn with leggings. It looks best matched with either a pair of boots or some white/black converse/vans.

My next item of clothing is some trousers I purchased not long ago. These are also from new look and cost £19.99. They are very comfortable as they are made out of stretchy material and the burgundy colour means they are perfect for the autumnal season. They look best matched with a white/black blouse and a pair of boots.  

My final item of clothing is a pair of shorts that I got from New Look. They cost £14.99 which I thought wasn’t bad value. They are good for autumn because they can be worn with tights and a cardigan. They look best matched with a pair of black boots for a casual look. 

Frilly socks are an item that I am loving at the moment. They can easily add a cute edge to an outfit. I got them from Primark because they are very cheap and come in a variety of colours. They are £1.50 for a pair. They can be worn with converse, vans and boots. 

My final Favourites item is a pair of boots that I have literally not stopped wearing. They go with everything which is why I love them so much. They were £19.99 in New Look which is not bad value as they are really good quality. I can wear these with dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans. They were my favourite purchase this month due to their versatility with items of clothing! 

I have really enjoyed writing this for Gee’s blog this week! It has been great being able to collect ideas together for the sake of helping out a friend. Thank you for reading and please be sure to share Gee’s blog with your friends because it would really help her out. 
Thank you!

Georgia x 

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