Monday, 27 October 2014

Mini Airport Haul


So as you may know from my last post ( well my friends post) that I have been on holiday. I went to the Spanish island , Mallorca. Even though it was October , the weather was lovely and even with a couple of clouds in the sky I managed to get a light tan. It was so nice to have a break from busy school work which is why I asked my friend , Georgia , to take over the blog. It seems to have gone down well and I may do another friend takeover soon.
Well one of the best things about travelling for me is the duty free at the airport. I didn't get much as I didn't really need anything and also the shop wasn't that big at the Mallorca.
Firstly, when looking about Dior which didn't have much , I noticed a MAC. It was a small stand but surprisingly had lots of goodies. I have been really loving soft brown lipsticks with pink undertones ( like Kylie Jenner )  , I found the perfect lipstick , HoneyLove Matt Finish. I know that its not Kylies Shade , Velvet Teddy I believe, but I don't think they had one. I wore this the same night to work and it lasted all night. Yes I had to work as soon as I got back which I think was a bad decision of mine as I was so sleepily!
 I believe that this shade would work well on every skin tone currently I have a tanned face and with a rose pink liner underneath to create a more pink undertone , it worked well.
Next when I arrived back in Britain, I saw a Benefit duty free counter. I have noticed on YouTube especially that more and more people are loving and using Hoola Bronzer. Again I tried this the same night for work and specially with my tan , it gave a lovely natural look. I also love the cute box it comes with. Also it comes with a brush.
I know I shouldn't of but I also got a giant Oreo chocolate bar. It was too good to resist! I am a holder when it comes to chocolate. For example, I still have chocolate from my birthday in February ( The dates are fine). So I know that this bar will last a LLONNNGGG time.
Sorry this is a small haul but again there wasn't much.
Gee x

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