Monday, 6 April 2015

Multiple Use Make Up Tools


So I was thinking whilst doing my makeup about what brushes I used and if I use them correctly. I found that ,even though brushes can be used anyway you like, I use my brushes in what some people might find weird. So I thought I would write a blog post about the way I used my brushes and see if you do the same.

Mascara Wand

I have been given by different makeup stands mascara wands to try. I use Smashbox Eyebrow Shadow pallete and I was given a mascara wand to put the wax on my eyebrows. So instead of using a makeup brush, I dip the wand in the wax and brush it through my brow. I found that this method works well and its less messy.

Crease Shadow Brush

My double base crease shadow brush is from Real Techniques, however, I found that its too big for eyes. So I use the brush to put highlight on my cheeks, nose and brow bone. I found that the size is perfect for highlighter. I have been testing a new liquid highlighter from Rimmel and it works with the brush well.

Detail Brush

My detail brush is again from Real Techniques , however, what I assume is meant for concealer and face makeup, I use it as a lip brush. I don't have a lip pencil that matches every one of my lipsticks, so I use the detail brush to take a small amount to draw a lip pencil outline. I find that this works just as well as a lip pencil. Also I use it to blend my lipstick.

So that's some of my brushes which I use differently. I know there is no exact way to use brushes but I wanted to show you additional ways. Let me know ways which you use your brushes differently.

Gee x


  1. I only use a blusher brush and the mascara brush, I need to invest in an eye shadow brush. Do you have an idea on the price range? X

    1. The drugstore has an amazing range of brushes. Ranging from £3 - £25- hope this helped:)

  2. I'll be popping into a local drug store soon then, thank you! X


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