Monday, 20 April 2015

Revision Tips


So it exam season for many people including myself (A Levels) and I thought that I would do a list of revision tips which I have found work for me as well as my friends. Just to mention that theres no one way to revise as many methods work for different people and that no different from me and my friends. For myself, I have to read everything over and over again , making important notes if necessary, however, for my friend Zoe, she makes multiple mindmaps of information.

So here are a collection of different tips for different types of learners;

1) Plan your time effectively.

I have on my wall a two month revision plan. Yes! this is mentally but I know from my GCSEs that this helped me make sure that I knew what to revision and when all my exams were.

2) Don't revise for two long.

2 hours max revising time with an half an hour to an hour breaks in-between. This allows your brain to have a cooling off period. Also 15 minutes per unit/topic is also good too.

2a) Add exercise into your breaks

It helps take your mind off worrying and if you have been revising all day, it will be an effective way to get rid of energy (in a good way).

2b) Drink lots of water.

Remember your health shouldn't suffer because your revising. Water is a good way to keep yourself hydrated.

3) Collect all your notes ready for revising.

By doing this you aren't worrying that you are wasting time looking for your notes or textbooks.

4) Mind maps. (Visual Leaner)

After specking to my friend, mind maps are a good way to put all the important information in one place.

4a) Colour Code (Visual Learner)

When your in the exam, you will remember the colour and then the information along with it.

5) Podcasts ( Auditory Learner)

For my science GCSEs, I found a collection of podcasts which were people teaching you science. They were free to download and I would listen to them on my way to school. *LINK*

6) Notes (A practice Learner/ Visual Leaner)

A couple of my friends learn by re writing notes or typing them up. Personally for me this doesn't work but I know that for some people it might. By re writing notes, it means that you are recapping everything.

7) Past Papers/ Questions

By finding these, you can see how the exam or test will be laid out meaning that you have a better understanding. Also you can practice papers and check the mark schemes. TOP TIP- exam boards usually re word past questions.

8) Don't panic.

I should follow this one. Don't worry, I know that everyone is going on about how important it is , which it is but remember you can only do your best and it is good enough.

I hope that some of these help you if your taking your exams.

Good Luck,

Gee x


  1. This has helped! Thank you <3

    1. I'm glad it helped! I'm currently revising now ( or meant to be:) )

  2. These tips really helped me during exam season, I was getting really stressed. Thank you xx

  3. Good luck with your exams:)


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