Sunday, 14 June 2015

Melon Pop| Review


So when I found out that Clinique were releasing new lipsticks I was more than excited. I have been looking for a new brand to try for lipsticks and this was the perfect chance.

I have the shade Melon Pop 05. I thought I would review it as I know lots of people have been talking about the new release.

First Thoughts


I love the packaging- its simple which I like as it doesn't take away the beautiful colour. Also I love that it is square too as it fits perfectly in my lipstick holder.


I got mine for £16 which I think it ok for what it is. Personally, I was prepared to price a bit extra as I knew it was the right colour I wanted. But MUA ( which can be found in Superdrug) do a lipstick called Peachy Keen for £1 which is similar but is a matte rather than a sheen.


The colour is a peach-y , coral  colour which I have been looking for. Its a sheen but has amazing pigment.

First Impressions

True Colour?

Yes, I would say that its the colour which I thought it would be. I think it a great everyday shade but  its very buildable so can be made into a matte looking lipstick.


Like I have said previously, its a sheen which makes the colour have a shiny to it. I like this as I don't really own a sheer looking lipstick which I could wear everyday. I have been wearing it with day and night makeup so its a multi use lipstick. Oh and it looks great over Rimmel London East end Snob lip liner.

The rest of the range?

The Clinique team (not that I know them!) have done a great job with the colour choice , however, when looking for Melon Pop , I found out that they haven't released all the colours so I would double check if you can which ones are available. But I would be more than happy to buy additional shades after buying this one

Let me know if you want or have any of the colour pop range and what you think of it

Gee x

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