Monday, 27 July 2015

Branching out with my brushes


So I don't know if you have noticed but I love the brand Real Techniques for my makeup brushes and that's what the majority of my brushes are. But I have purchased a new brand and I have fallen in love with them. 

The style is Kabuki  and I found out about these brushes from the blogger and YouTuber , Veletghost (LINK). So I have been looking  at them for a while on EBay ( as that's where you can purchase them from) (LINK) and when you purchase them , you receive 10 brushes- 5 face and 5 eye ( and I would say concealer). 

First expression 

The quality of the brushes are amazing for the cheap price. I like to have thick brushes and I was worried that these weren't going to be my liking , however, I was proven wrong. The softness of the brushes were good which means that applying makeup was going to be easy. 


The shapes of the face brushes are all different and are matched in the eye brushes. There are brushes which contouring would be perfect for. There is an eye pencil brush which I'm rather excited to use and is resembled in a face brush, perfect for concealer. I think that there is a brush for every product. 

Although the eye brushes are rather large. They are so big for my little eyes but I believe that they are workable as well as the blending brush is perfect to get right in the eye crease. 

The finish 

Left- Real Techniques Right- Kabuki

I applied my everyday Rimmel Bb Cream and the flawless finish that was created was lovely. I felt that the brushes made the application of the foundation so easy and it didn't need buffing in as much as I would have usually done with my Real Techniques brush. 

I wouldn't forget about my lovely real techniques brushes but they do have some competition.

Let me know about what brands you use for make up brushes 

Gee x 

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