Monday, 31 August 2015

A Week In Pictures


So I thought that since I was going on a mini break as well as going out with some friends that I would show you my week in pictures.

My week started off with travelling to York to visit my family. It took my roughly 5 hours of travelling on my own.  Then once I got home, I went out with my friends to the fun fair/ theme park Dreamland.

 At Kings Cross - I nearly missed my train!!!
This is the prettiest bus stop I have ever seen!
We went to watch the new film Paper Towns

The lanes which lead to .....
My first time eating at Bills- Would recommend!
Went on a quick shopping trip which lead to me finding a cute park
The next day (once I was home) I went to Margate's Dreamland, a fun fair/ theme park
I thought that the food court looked very old fashion with food stalls and band stands
Me and the girls enjoying fish and chips
There was lots of photo booths so we decided try and fit 5 people in the shot
Here is me with everyone's cameras and hands trying to get some good pictures of the view
Waiting for the girls to get a drink, we decided to check out the children's ride
Here are all our photo booth photos! If we are in the area, I would recommend going as the beach is one of the nicest and it was a great day out!

I understand that this was a it different from my usual posts but I wanted to remember this week as it is coming to the end of my summer holidays.

Gee x

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