Friday, 9 October 2015

Summer Clear Out Tips


As much as I didn't want summer to end and that I wanted to drag it out as much as possible, I thought that it was time to clear out all my summer clothes so I that I could make room for the new season trends.

Here are the rules I followed while clearing;

1) Shorts and Strap Tops

If I couldn't wear the shorts with tights or wear the top with a jumper , it went in the pile that I was building to put away.

2) Summer Patterns

I went through a phrase of purchasing anything with floral and tropical patterns as they were one of my favourite trends of the summer. This included the cropped trousers in this *POST*.

3) Organisation

Folding all the clothes away into a suitcase ready to be put away; This is your final chance to make sure that you hadn't missed anything

4) The fun bit

This is my favourite part-- The part where you see what items that you are missing from your new season wardrobe.

So I hoped that these tips and tricks help you with your new wardrobe! Let me know the best shops to find new season clothing.

Gee x

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