Monday, 28 September 2015

Clean faced | Get UN Ready With Me


So as the title suggests, I will be showing you how I take me make up off instead of putting on as I usually do. I have normal to combination skin and I get the old couple of blemishes every now and then.

Here is a picture of my everyday makeup which I wear to school (If you would like a get ready with me - school edition comment below). 

This is the makeup that I will be removing with the following products;

Clinique Cleansing Wash *LINK*
Boots Face Wash with Active Charcoal (Highly Recommend) *LINK*
Nivea Cleanser *LINK*
Simple Facial Toner *LINK*
Benefit Tripe Moisture Cream ( Good for spot-pron skin) *LINK*
Simple Eye Gel *LINK*
Lip Balm *LINK*

And here is the finished result;

I believe that I have found a good balance of products which work best for my skin. 

Let me know some of the best products you use for your skin as I'm willing to try some new possible. 

Gee x

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