Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Secret Santa Ideas// Christmas


Oh the joys of secret santa! Its the one thing that I hate most of christmas period and no matter how hard I try not to get involved in them, I some how manage to get involved.

I have 2 this year and they both have different budgets. This gave me an idea to help other people out who are looking for ideas!

1) Little beauty Items// I have got one of my secret santa's a Ted Baker Lip Balm which was £5! A luxury item for quite cheap!
2) Smellies// Body spray or perfumes- all great gifts and what girls especially always have in their handbags. H&M and Superdrug have a great selection!
3) Keep sakes// Tiger have got lots of cute items for next to nothing prices- I have got two of my friends who are in my photography class a cute camera photo album
4) Writing Sets// I have got a teacher who one of my secret santa's and she always has a notebook with her! TOP TIP// Always look out and listen for ideas if you are stuck!

5) Personal// This is one of my presents from my mum and it was FREE! A perfect idea!

So there are some of my ideas for your secret santa dilemmas! I hope that helps and comment below any more ideas to help other people out :)

Gee x

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