Monday, 7 December 2015

Wrapping Ideas\\ Christmas


 As you may have noticed, Christmas is fast approaching! I started very early gathering and organising all the presents I needed to get and last week I finally finished.

So I thought what better time than to write my first christmas post! I have got a theme this year for how I am going to wrap and present my presents. I wanted to do something special for my friends as this is the last year that we will be together properly before its university time!


Brown wrapping paper// I got mine for a £1 for Wilko ( a supermarket-like store) in the parcel and post section
Labels// Wilko again! You get get these pretty much every where
Ribbon// Tiger as some great christmas wrapping ideas and items! Mine is white snowflakes and I have fallen in love with it!!
Christmas decorations// Tiger again! 2 for a £1!

and of course your chosen present!

Its quite easy- wrap your present and wound the ribbon around making sure that you add your label and decorations!

I love this idea and its an extra little present which they can keep forever! Let me know what you are planning on getting people for christmas

Gee x

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  1. This is very handy!
    Jabeen x


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