Monday, 30 December 2013

What Did I Get For Christmas :)


Well considering that I did not want anything this year I done pretty well. During the year , if I wanted anything I would go and buy it myself so when asked I never knew what I wanted.

There is a mixture of beauty/fashion and other presents.

I asked for every day items like leggings but I never thought I would get as much as I did.

This year I was at my dad's for the first part of Christmas and I Love dad's house; open fire , lovely area and their movie collection. Ha.

I really needed makeup storage as mine was getting out of control. From watching youtubers , I found a website called muji. Its a great website for storage all around the house. So I ordered two items , one big with two drawers and another which was smaller. Now I know that that is kind of ordering my own presents but dad said that he would have rather me order what I need than him ordering something that I did not wanted.

Along the same lines , he got me a brush holder which goes on top of the big drawers.

Next Dad got me was DVDs and I had not seen them yet. I love minions and I want one. Like seriously. I'm not joking :)

Dad , also , got me a £50 new look voucher which would come in very handy , so thank you for that.

 His mum and dad or my nan and granddad got me money which I'm very grateful for.

The second part of Christmas was with my mum.

When I got home , there was three piles of presents , one for me and the rest for my step brother and sister.

I got some leggings which I really needed and some Jack Wills jogging bottoms. They are my first pair due to being put off them for different reasons. I love them , they are so comfy.

Next I got was the One Direction DVD . I'm sorry if your not a fan but I love them and when I got this I freaked out. I saw it twice at my local cinema with my friends.

I , also , got a 1D calendar so I'm happy.

Ohh and a singing toothbrush which annoys everyone but I love it. Yes I'm nearly 16 years old :)

Next , I got some non-heat hair curlers in the shape of love hearts.

I got some PJs. My favourite animal is giraffe so I Loved these. They are comfy as.


My mum'm mum got me some cosy pjs too and some money.

From my aunty and uncle , I got Three fashion books which are really helpful for my projects. ( the sewing book is from my mum)

I Got ,also, the Little Mix album from my uncle and aunty. So thank you for them.

My cousin got my real technique brushes with the case. I'm going to use them loads so that's great.

From my mum's partner , He got us the Brand new curlers from babylis. They are amazing and I have gotten so many complements from lots of people saying how nice my hair looked. They are very expensive around £180 but they are really worth every penny.

They work by basically sucking up your hair and then it beeps when its read and out comes a perfect curl. ( sorry for the poor picture )

From my mum's best friend , I got Umberto Giannini hair products. She's amazing at buying presents and this year she has not disappointed. I love the backcomb in a bottle :) So thank you for them. Its ,also, came in I really lovely tin.

Now this is something that I brought for myself which I know is really sad but I needed a reason to buy it. I brought myself some MAC makeup.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and if you don't celebrate it then I hope that you had a lovely day :)

have a happy new year

Gee x

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