Monday, 11 August 2014

Whats In My Beach Bag!


Well I went to the beach with my friends for the day so I thought that I would do a what's in my beach bag? We had to get train ( which we missed but 30seconds if that!) and walk from the station to the beach. Sadly it was not sandy but it's a nice beach.


I'm not sure where the bag is from as it's not mine but my mums and she does not know either. It's a large two tone bag and it has a black purse attached to the inside which is handy. 

So I put my things in smaller bags so that I know where everything was and to stop sand from getting in. First bag was a Laura Geller make up bag who is a make up artist, in this I had hand sanitising gel which I used after putting sun cream on so my hand weren't sticky. Also in this bag I had wet wipes , mine were Make up ones but I did not use them. Then perfume , mines is B-united Jeans, I'm not going to describe the smell as I have not clue how to ! But it's nice. Lastly lip balm , I brought one with SPF in so my lips did not burn.


Next I brought a small hairbrush and sun cream. It was the only one I could find in time and my friends had more adult ones and they burnt a lot more then I did.  

Carrier bags are a essential as you can put wet clothes or towels in. 

Another bag , I brought spare clothes in case mines got wet and another bikini because I was not sure which one to wear.  This bag is really handy as it's the right size. It came with a bikini and it's got "little Manal" I think written across it.


Then towels , I brought two , one to lay one and one to dry myself off. 

Also a hat and sunglasses which is essential in heat. 


So that's all I took with me that day. We all brought food and drink so that we didn't need to spend too much money there. Lucky the weather was good and it was not busy because of school. I have finished school now for the summer so that's why I was not there. 

Let me know what you would take with you? 

Gee x

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