Monday, 25 August 2014

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review


If you were to look into my eye makeup draw then you would be faced with many mascara's which will all promise to do different things either adding volume or extending your lashes x3. Personally, I don't think that they really work as well as they say which is why I have so many. However, the benefit they're real mascara works amazingly , I understand that it is quite expensive compared to other highstreet brands but I believe its worth the money.

Well everyone has been loving benefit makeup especially their eye make up. The biggest hype has been the new eye liner which has gotten so many reviews lately. I have got the new liner but I have yet to use it as I don't very wear eyeliner that much. But I will let you know when I do :)

I thought that I would review the They're Real mascara which I have been loving to add that little bit more wow factor to my eye make up. I got mine as a freebee which my benefit order , it was a sample size which I have heard to be better than the normal size but when mine runs out I will defiantly be repurchasing it.

Compared to my other everyday mascara , it adds volume and makes lashed look longer and fuller. As you can see from the picture below , you can see the difference between a normal mascara (MUA) and benefit.

The brush kind of has two parts, one which you do your top lashes with. TIP; When applying mascara use zip zagging motions to add extra volume and length. The second part of the wand is for the bottom lashes , at the end you can see a ball ( sort of) size bit which you can coat your bottom lashes. The wand makes sure that you coat every one of your lashes. Sometimes If I want to make more of a flick at the end of my eye , I will use the bottom lashes bit to pull them out.

I believe that if you are getting sick of everyday boring highstreet mascaras then I would recommend benefit. Don't let the fact that its kind to remover as I have you covered but so has benefit. They have brought out a special remover which removes both the new liner and the mascara. I use Derma V10 which works so well and was so cheap. I use it as a part of my night routine to remover eye make up ( Well done Gee!). I got mine from Savers and I'm not sure where else sells it.

I hope that this has helped help your decision if you think you would like it or not.

Gee x

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