Monday, 18 August 2014

BB Cream Wars | Product Wars


With the weather being quite weird with either storms or heat waves, I needed a light cream or foundation and I felt like with my foundations weren't really doing that. I have a mid tan which is when my tan is slowly disappearing but is still there. My foundations are either for my tan skin (fake and real) or my normal skin colour. You may be thinking just fake tan well the true is that I cant really be bothered.

So when I was scrolling twitter , I had a sponsored tweet come up saying about BB Cream. I had heard and seen BB cream but never thought that I would really used it but when I had a look into it , it sounded perfect for this weather.

I went into Superdrug and was looking at Rimmel. They have a BB Cream which is Matte so I thought that was perfect. It was on special for £4 instead of £7 ( I think). When I was looking a lady was looking to and over heard me and my nan talking about it and mentioned about another cream she had used. It was Nivea tinted moisturising day cream , which was also on special for under £2 so I thought I would try both.

NIVEA- Tinted Moisturising Day Cream  SPF 8

Shade- They only have one shade. Its slightly darker than my normal shade but I only put a small amount on.

Applying the Product- You only need a small amount and I use my fingers to apply on to my skin. If I feel it needs buffing into my skin then I will use a foundation brush. The coverage is okay not the best.

Finish - I love the finish, its more dewy. It creates a smooth finish so that you can add powder to it. Its light weight on the skin too.

OVERALL- **** ( 4 stars)
I think if there was shade options then it would be better.

RIMMEL- BB Cream    SPF15

Shade- They have shades ranging from "very light " to "dark". I have light but I think I would have suited very light. However, I don't have "very light" skin when I'm buying foundation.

Applying the Product- Well I first applied one coat using my fingers and coverage was not the best so I applied more. I had to use a brush over this as I thought it would help the product more. But no which leads on to the finish.

OVERALL- *** (3 Stars)
Finish- The promise that it finish would be matte was given but it was very orange looking so I wiped off as much as possible and used my brush to blend the product which seemed to do the trick.

I think the shade chart is interesting to say the least and its finish is nice but can look orange and patch due to it coverage. Also the product promises a lot and I'm not sure

So that's the very first ( I believe) of Product Wars and I hope that you liked it :)

Gee x

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