Monday, 29 September 2014

Whats In My Travel Bag | Car Journey


I went to a party on the other side of the UK during the summer which was in total 4 hours there and the same back. For the ever so long journey, I packed a bag full to the brim of goodies and things so that I would not get bored.

The bag I used was my Vera Wang Bag which came with some perfume I brought for my dad ( he let me have the bag). I love the design and as you will see I got so much in it.

I didnt use it but I brought a book to read which is Jane Costello's The Wish List. I have not read it yet as im saving it for my holiday which is in a month. I did read though books on my ipad during the journey.

I didnt wear make up throughout the journey becuase I wasnt seeing anyone and we left early in the morning. So I brought with my a peel off face mask which i knew would not need washing off. I brought some makeup wet wipes in case the face decided that it was not going to get off my face.

I brought a spare pair of clothes with me which is lucky because I did drop chocolate down me.

We have a DVD player in our car which is build in and my mums partners daughter has an interesting taste in movies so I brought a portable DVD player and DVD to watch.

Because I didn't wear makeup , I brought some with me just in case. I just brought some essentials like powder , blusher, Mascara, gimme brow. In the makeup bag I also brought some hair bands and bobby pins. 

For food, Maoam Pinballs Tropical. Please correct me if I'm wrong but America doesn't  have these which is a massive shame because they are the best. These aren't like the normal favours like apple and cola but pineapple and many more.


Headphones. A massive must with any journey short or long. 

Perfume, nail file and hair brush.


And lastly a pillow.

So that's what was in my bag and I didn't need anything more. Hope you liked it 

Gee x

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