Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January Favourites


Well I feel as though I haven't done one of these in a while and I have been loving some old favourites this month. So shall I start. I have mainly beauty items so they will be first.


1) Rimmel BB Cream
I have done a review on this HERE before and I didn't love it that much. But because of its claim to help blemishes I tried it again. My skin has been abit angry recently and I want to cover it up and this foundation not only has high coverage for something so light but has helped my skin. Would recommend this to any angry skin! Also to improve the slight colour difference I use the lightest amount when applying

2) Superdry Eye Duo Pallete
I would never go to superdry for makeup but for Christmas my uncle got me a superdry makeup set. This pallete has a shiny shimmer yellow which surprisingly I love over the whole lid and a matte with a tiny amount of shimmer Brown which I love in the crease and blended out. I have worn this everyday to school since.

3) Clear Complexion Powder Rimmel

Again linking with the BB Cream , I found that this over the top helps blemishes too. Hopefully the clue in the name helps but it helps angry spots. Its translucent which means its not heavy or cakey.
Rimmel is great for blemish helping makeup I found this month especially.


1) Topshop Top
Even though I have had such trouble with this top. I LOVE it! Basically Topshop left the security tag on it and there was a load of drama with them to get it off but lucky I had a really lovely lady called Ella who helped. It was in the sale and I have included it in a look book HERE.

2) Scarfs

I am not a scarf or snood person. I usually get brought them for presents rather than me buying them myself. But this month especially because I've had a rotten cold so they help keep me warm and I have been loving styling them with my outfits too. (Left to Right; Dorothy Perkins,, New Look and Select)

I was likely enough to go see Paolo Nutini this month with my Dad and it was the best relaxed concert Ive been too. He is amazing live better than through headphones (often on the way to and from school). I got a new camera for Christmas and I got some amazing shots. Favourite songs are Cherry Blossom and Candy.

Also we ,as a family, are doing the classic lets get healthy and fit. Its been going well and recently we have brought a soup maker. So weirdly my favourite is soup.

Let me know what your favourites are of this month.

Gee x

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