Friday, 16 January 2015

Left On The Shelf | #1


The idea of Left On The Shelf came from another blogger whose name I cant remember. They wrote about products they forgot about in their makeup collection. I love the idea and even since reading the post, I went to my personal collection and found different items which had been 'Left On The Shelf ' as such.

1. Rochas- Subline Compact Powder

I lovvvveee this product. I have been do researching and I recognised the name when I brought it but didn't think much about it. I got this product from a discount makeup store. They sell American makeup and designer makeup at discount prices. I'm sorry but I cant even remember the name of the store but it was at a outlet store.

It reminds me of Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. I actually got this product because I ran out of that powder and I was no where near a Superdrug/boots at the time.

2. Eyebrow Pencil

I used to use eyebrow pencils before I used powder and as much as I love using powder. I forgot how much easier pencils are. I don't draw them on too heavy and I found I use a lighter shade because if I did go too heavy it wouldn't matter too much. 

3. Stay Matte Concealer

This product was originally my mums but she gave it to me as I kept pestering her about it. I used it for a while and I stopped using concealer because my skin was behaving aka my skin was clear and even. Its more of an under eye concealer and as a skin colour stick with a centre of green. Green is said (I believe) to help under eyes. A great product however, I haven't seen this product in my local Superdrug so let me know if you do.

4. Benefit Perk Up Artist.

I'm always talking about Benefit on here and with my friends so much that I think that they are getting annoyed with it. This product is a life saver and I brought it to go in my bag for touch ups during the day. But for some reason it came out of the bag and went back to storage. I think its because I stopped wearing so much makeup everyday to help my poor skin.

But back its come and I love it. It has saved me on more occasions than I care to admit. I mainly use it to tidy much my makeup mistakes. For example, I was in the car trying to put on red lipstick and lets just say I had to use the 'Correct' section ALOT!

Have a look into your collection and let me know the products that you find
Gee x 

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