Monday, 12 January 2015

A Bag Full Of Lipsticks #1


So recently I found that my school bag was getting heavier and heavier ,and it wasn't due to getting given loads of textbooks. It was due to the amount of lipsticks... okay well no they don't weigh that much but I found that everytime I would wear a different lipstick , it would stay in my bag all the time.

Here is what I found in my bag...


I found that I had a mixture of different lipsticks. So here are the balm lipsticks, I find that I get very dry lips during the day due to the cold so its always handy to have a moisture balm. I have both the Benefit Loli Balm and the AVON Balm.

Lip Gloss

If I have quite Matte looking makeup , I like to add a bit of shine. Both of these products are high pigment ( Hope thats the right word , ha!). The Rimmel Apocalips is a lovely rose pink and the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker is a light pink. 

Chubby Sticks

I found these are just handy and simple to put on without a mirror. The Clinque Chubby Stick is a dark mixture of reds and pinks (07 Super Strawberry)  which I love to wear when wearing dark colours. Beauty UK is a bright pink and purple coloured stick which I don't wear as much as I should so this one is probably going to go back to my lipstick holder.


The first one is Collection Little Mix Lipstick in Perrie, I mention this so much on here and I love it. The colour is lovely and I would wear it all day everyday if I could. Well I could but you know.... Next is 630 Velvet Beige by Maybelline New York. It reminds me of the now classic Kylie Jenner lip colour but instead of MAC prices, its high street. This is such an easy wear too.

I hope you liked this post and let me know about the lipsticks which are always in your bag

Gee x

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