Monday, 16 February 2015

What I got for my 17th Birthday


I am writing this on my actually birthday which would be yesterday , 15th February, for those reading it. I'm so grateful for everything I got this year and I've been well and truly spoilt. I have amazing family and friends who know me so well. I was lucky enough to go on a shopping trip with my mum who got me lots of presents then. So this is a half haul , half what I got. Disclaimer- I'm not bragging or anything and I'm extremely grateful for all my items! 

Beauty items; 

Smash Box Photo finish primer
Smashbox Brow Tech 
Urban Decay Brow Box 
Urban decay On the run ( I was not excepting this at all and I nearly cried!)
Lush King of skin 
Body shop All in one lip & check
Body shop 'champagne' eyeshadow 
Mac 217 brush 
Mac 'Girlie' shadow ( I was on a hunt for this shade and it's not want I wanted actually but I love it all the same)
Primark Gel Effect Top Coat ( I love this!) 
From my friends I got a MAC gift card !! ( I cant believe they did this so if they are reading this then  I Love YOU)
Fashion items;

French connection Blouse ( I fell in love with this top!) 
H&M skirt 
Primark Dress ( I'm trying out a BoHo Style at the moment)
Primark Cosy Tights ( Forever needing these!) 
Primark Sunglasses 
Primark Sweat Pants ( I used to hate these and hadn't owned a pair until last year when I got converted and now I live in them when I'm home) 
Zara Chelsea Boots 

Other bits;
Instax Share ( I have wanted a Polaroid printer for ages and my dad was nice enough to get me one) 
A shelf with has built in Bluetooth speakers ( I didn't even knew that this was a thing but it's so useful!) 
Paper chase cup ( I'm going to use it to take a tea to school in the morning) 
Golddigga Sugar Purfume ( I love the the gold one so my nan thought that I would like to try the newest one) 
Portfolio (For my textiles A Level course!) 
Tanya Burr , Love, Tanya ( I love Tanya's videos and my mum got me her book) 

I believe that's all. I'm so so so grateful for everything and couldn't have asked for better family and friends. 

Let me know if you had a birthday this week or if you have tried any of the products meantioned 

Gee x

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