Friday, 6 February 2015

A different type of statement


So they reason this is called a different statement is because recently I feel people have forgot about nail art. It's all about Big fashion and bold statement Jewellery at the moment. Yes people often get their nails done ( that's usually me) and people buy fakes but when my nail lady cancelled my appointment I found myself looking at bare nails. 

So I put some time in and effort to create a bold nail. Yes I understand it's probably not that bold compared to others but it's bold enough for me. 

I used a brand whose makeup and hair products I have used before ( and loved) but never their nail varnish. I love how only one coat is needed but they recommend two. The only problem is that they take a while to dry and once dry ( even with a dry top coat) can smudge a little.


Base and Top Coat; Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails ( as top coat gives a pearl affect)
Grey; Umberto Giannini Mist
Gold; Umberto Giannini Oyster 

I love this look as it's so simple but with the splash of gold gives a statement look. I thought that it was something people often forget about and just paint their nails one colour so I would show you a little trick I tried. 

Let me know some of your favourite nail brands 

Gee x

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