Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites


So its that time again , Favourite time! This month has been busy for me. I've had mock exams and birthdays including mine. So I have a couple of products which I have been loving this month.


French Connection Blouse!
I have been loving this! It was a present from my mum for my birthday and I love the print. I have been wearing it with my high waist jeans and my Zara Boots which leads me on to my next item

Zara Boots!
I have been wearing them to school, shopping and for general days out. They are so comfortable and were a treat to myself. At only £10 in the sale , I couldn't say no!

Make Up

Collection Liner!

I have been loving adding a small flick to my everyday make up. I have read loads of positive reviews on collection liners. So I decided to try one. I'm hoping to write a review soon.

Bourjois Volume Mascara!

I have been wanting my lashes to be long and separate. Before, my everyday mascara made my lashes more thick and added a small curl. This mascara makes my lashes look amazing compared.


Red - Taylor Swift!

I had my ipod on shuffle and a song from Taylor Swift's Red album came on and I forgot how good her Album was. I have also been loving her newest album too!

Sticky Page Tabs!

Weird! I know but since I've been revising for mocks, I have been organising all my work (especially for sociology!). I have found that they have helped me find my work and if I was stuck on an area, I could easily find the notes.

So that's some of my favourites so this month. Let me know what you have been loving this month

Gee x

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