Friday, 27 March 2015

B. Pure Micellar Water | Review


So recently I have been taking off my everyday makeup using *B. Pure Micellar Water* . The reason I wanted to write a review on this product is because firstly I have never used this brand before and because I want to see if you have tried it and agree with my opinions.

I would class my skin as normal as I rarely experience dryness nor oiliness. I brought this product after hearing positive things about the idea of using Micellar water.

First Opinions;

I like how you can see how much is in the bottle which some bottles don't know. Its affordable and I was excited to try this new brand. I've seen the brand's makeup in Superdrug (where it can be found) but I hadn't seen much of their skin care products. It doesnt have a smell to me either.

How it works?

It removes makeup basically. I put a small amount on a small cotton pad and wipe my makeup off. There's not much to it but whats good about this product is that it doesn't need to be washed off like my Avon water.

Did it work?

Yes! it does , however only on face makeup. It hasn't removed my mascara and I haven't been using waterproof. Its also nice on the skin and doesn't feel heavy nor leave a wetness to the skin after, which is why it doesn't need washing off.


Apart from any issues that I have stated previous, I have been experiencing some angry spots. These blemishes could be due to exam stress ( The exam season has started for me) or school in general. So I'm willing to carry on trying it to get a true opinion.

Let me know your opinions on using Micellar Water in general or if you have tried this brand before.

Gee x

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