Monday, 9 March 2015

Going Blonde-ish


So last month, I decided to add blonde to my hair as I was getting bored with the natural colour. So me and my hair dresser ( who I have known my whole life) decided on two golden shades to add to my hair. The dye is mainly on the bottom layer of my hair. We have kept my natural hair colour too so that the blonde is not over powering.
My hair does look like ombre ,however, its not. I have three layers , two of which is natural and the last has been dyed to the root. I love my new hair and I plan to lighten the blonde for spring and summer.
So I have been using a range of different products in order to keep my hair un damaged. I must admit it took at lot of guts to dye my hair due to being worried it would ruin it. Here are some of the products which I have been using;

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology *Shampoo* and *Conditioner*
I Love this and I can go three days without my hair getting greasy and needing a wash. My hair does feel and look thicker. I recommended it to a family friend and she loves it too. Great for thin hair.

Pantene Expert Collection *Split End Fuser*
This can be put on both wet and dry hair which is perfect for in the morning when my hair is dry. I have always had dry ends and I have found that my hair is a lot softer after using this product.

Herbal Essences Bee Strong *Leave-In Conditioner*
I put this leave in product on when my hair is dry or if I want to let my hair dry naturally.

I always forget how long my hair is and even though I have my tangle teaser , it still gets knotty. So I have purchased a spray which I hope will help my hair.
I love my new hair and I'm happy to finally find products which work well for my hair.
Let me know your go to hair products
Gee x

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