Monday, 25 May 2015

I'm Back and with my Over Night a Bag


So I back from my exams and I'm on a school break. When studying , I decided to go and stay at my Nan's as she has no internet or signal so it would mean that I would have no disattractions. While I was there I packed a small essentials only in my overnight bag. I will be showing the products I took with me. 

Before we start, I didn't need a tooth brush or face wash as I already had these at my Nan's. 

So I managed to fit everything in to this small Ted Baker bag which I got from Boots Sale last month. I don't know if they still do this print but I know they still do the same sized bag in a floral print.

Firstly, I took my cleansing lotion by Nivea. If you have been reading my blog from the start , then you would know that I have been using this product a long time. I love it,  it's so refreshing on my skin and makes my skin feel so clean. 

I had to downsize this product because otherwise it wouldn't have fit in my bag. It's the Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. I have been testing this range out for a while so I can write a review. But I needed a skin clearing product due to my stressed skin.

Even though the packaging is glass, it's not heavy nor did it break. It's the Benefit Triple Performing Moisturiser. It's a light moisturiser so it's a good day night rather than a night time one.

For the night time, it's the body shop Tea Tree Blemish Face Night Lotion. It's cooling on the skin and helps unders skin spots. I took this with me as it's the perfect size and I needed a night lotion. Also I took a direct spot treatment. It's the Boots witch hazel blemish stick. It's cheaper than the other brands and it works just as well. I would recommend Boots own brand straight away to anyone who is looking to try something new. 

I have been getting sore eyes and lips recently so I have been using Simple eye soothing balm and Superdrug's Lip and Cold Sore Cream. The lip cream is the BEST treatment for lips I have ever come across. 

Sudocrem is my go to product when my skin is sore or in need of a deep treatment. I use it on angry blemishes. 

So that the essential products which I took with me in my over night bag. Hope your exams are going okay if you have or had any. 

Gee x

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  1. This really helped me when revising for my GCSEs!


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