Monday, 30 November 2015

Review | Forever Living


So if you saw my last post *HERE* then you will be expecting this post. If not and you are new then last week I wrote a First Impressions on some products given to me by an ambassador of the company, Forever Living.

This week, I am writing a review on some different products from the same company. I have been trailing these products for about a week so I understand my opinion isn't based on a long term trail but it will give a basic idea of each product.

Aloe Nourishing Serum

Product- Its quite a think toner which has a creamy feel to it. Three pumps every morning and night is recommended.

View- I love this product! Its like a drink for your skin! It makes your skin feel so soft and three pumps is needed as your skin drinks it up so fast. After applying, I found that the product would work great as a primer before your makeup as it really does smooth out your skin!

Rehydrating Toner

Product- It acts like any other toner and it works well along side the cleaner. Place the toner on a cotton pad and in circular motions, move around face until all makeup is removed.

View- I found that the smell of the product put me off and I found that it didn't remove my makeup or make my skin fell clean as well as my other toners. Overall, this is not my favourite but I love the lid of the bottle as it makes the product less messy.

Aloe Cleaner

Product- A creamy texture and follow the same instructions as the toner.

View- The smell is better than the toner and I found that there was quite a lot of product left on my face after using it- even with using a clean cotton pad to remove again. Its quite thick and I think that why.

Aloe Jojoba Shampoo

Product- its quite simple- You use this like any other shampoo

View- My mum tried this product and she loved it! My mum has shoulder length hair which she straightens everyday and since using this she doesn't have too. This is a big positive in my mum's book. You don't need a lot apparently which means that the bottle would be worth the money. She loves the conditioner also.

So that's it! My little reviewing collection of Forever Living. So far I have been loving the products and I cant wait to try some more in the future. Let me know that if you have tried Forever Living and the products you have!

Gee x  

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