Monday, 2 November 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection


I love my MAC lipstick collection and I like to think that every one in my collection is different. I try to buy a different color or shade every time.
I thought that since I just brought a new MAC shade that I would show you my little collection. I say little because the lipstick collections I see are huge compared.
So lets begin..

MAC Crème Cup

My first MAC lipstick and I love it to death. Its my go to nude lipstick for when I want a bit of colour. Its a pink tone and the classic your lips but better shade. I recently wore this shade for my wedding get ready for me *LINK*. I love pairing it with either a subtle lip liner or a bold to make it stand out. I would recommend this to anyone who isn't brave enough to wear a bold lip or wants to purchase a MAC Lipstick.

MAC HoneyLove

This is a light brown shade which I think is more of a winter shade and one that I will be wearing all winter. Its a matte shade too. I don't wear this shade enough to be honest as it is a lovely shade. I got this when the Kylie Jenner matte brown lip was popular and no one knew what the shade she wore was. I loved this shade when I brought it and after this post, I need to wear it more.

MAC All Fired Up

I brought this shade online so it was more of a guess buy. I must be honest and say that I have yet to wear this shade, however, I love it never the less. Its one of my most boldest lipsticks and I think that's what I'm so nervous to wear it. Its a bold matte red pink. I cant really comment much on this one.

MAC Mehr

I got this one from the recommendation of Lily Pebbles *LINK*. I love watching her videos and she has been loving this lipstick and it seems like a perfect pink shade which is in the middle of light and bold. I have yet to wear this as I have only just brought it. But I can see this becoming my go to shade. I know I said that I like to think that I buy different shades every time but I actually have a very similar shade from NYX. Again, I cant comment too much on this as its a new purchase.

MAC Pink Poodle

This is not a lipstick but a gloss. I asked for this shade thinking that it was a lipstick and I'm not a lip gloss girl but I do love the bright pink shade. Its very gloss and sadly quite sticky. Its a good gloss to put over a lipstick to add shine to any make up look.

So that my collection! I like every shade and I don't buy for the sake of buying , even though my friends would say otherwise. If you would like to see my whole collection then comment below as I have a wide range of brands from Burberry to NYX and MUA.

Gee x

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