Monday, 10 February 2014

Top 5 January Favourites :)


Well I have been quite busy recently and have not been shopping much which is unusual for me. So I will do my top five favourites of January.

Well , I got these in the January sales and they are Cut Out Boots from New look. I love these and have wanted a pair for ages. They are quite high and due to my height make me extra tall. It has a bit of heel and the cut out parts of the boots are up the ankle. I plan on wearing these with jeans or leggings and a plain top with a leather jacket to create a rock look. I'm feeling a bright bold red lipstick too.

Next it is the Perk up Artist by Benefit, I think that I have talked about this before or used it in a tutorial but I love this. Whilst doing my friends make-up , she asked for something to cover a small scar. So I used the cover option in the product, she loved the finish the product left.

Due to cold winter UK weather, I needed a new scarf to keep me warm at school. So this snood from Dorothy Perkins is lovely. It keeps me nice and warm. I usually wear it with my Parka Coat but recently I have survived the winter months with just this. I love the colours and it does not clash too much with my uniform. The only down point is that tracing of the wool is often left behind on my clothing after taking it off.

Next my skin has been so dry recently and with teenage spots not planning on leaving my face , I got this from Benefit called tripe Performing Facial elusion. It helps with my dry skin and helps my spots as well, which is a bonus. Its light on the skin and you only need a small amount. I use a half pump at that.

Mascara, well if you looked in my eye makeup draw you would see about ten different mascaras. I needed a black/brown one which I could wear for school. Due to the colouring it is great for school, my year is allowed make-up but years below mine is not. Weird I know , but this mascara from MUA is great. Its the Extreme Curl.

Well... I was thinking that I would include a Music favourite which is Little Mix Salute. OMG I love this album and me and my best friend want to get tickets for one of their London Shows so bad!!

That's all I'm afraid but its my birthday next week so I will be a get ready with me for a birthday meal. I have had a party but I could not do a get ready with me because I had lots to do that day. But I will also be doing a What did I get. Its not going to be much but oh well.

Gee x

Ps - This time last week , I got my braces off and then Tuesday I got a Tweet from the Vamps. AND then I got a FOLLOW  from them so I was a very happy girl!!

My Twitter is @Gee_Grain

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