Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What Did I Get For My Birthday?


There is a mixture of different things and to be honest there is not much Fashion or Beauty. There is not much because of one of the gifts costing a lot.

Well I will do the Fashion bit first.

I think I put this in a previous FASHION TAG post. Looking back , I have got the same one. I love this and I got it in the sale too. The oversized coat. Basically the coat is from my nan but I had to pay half because she was putting money to another gift. .

While shopping I saw a hat with I fell in love with. So I brought it for myself as a gift. OMG how sad is that but I needed a excuse to buy it.

Next is Make-up.

From my mums best friend, I got 5 new eyeliners. She knows how I love this brand and got me five different coloured eye liners. They are Umberto Giannini and are amazing.

She also got me a makeup set and nail set. I love this , it also has a eye liner and comes with an amazing brush to apply it.

Well , my birthday was a three day event , ha. But the day before my birthday I spend with my friends, my actual birthday I spend with my mum. The day after my birthday I spend with my whole family. So yeah.

From my best friend I got a lovely bracelet which has both our names on. Due to leaving school and going to different colleges , she got me a Grow Your Own Best Friend, which you put in water and it grows. Also, she got me a photo frame of us two. Also she got me a Best Friend survival Kit.

My main present was a new room. I did not want any thing that was too big of a present so I thought about re doing my room. I got a new day bed. I went from a double to a single so that I would have more space because my room is quite small.

The second picture is of the shoe holder which I also got as my main present. I have a lot of shoes and as you can see not all of them fit in the holder... opps.

From the rest of my family , I got money to spend on whatever I want. So I'm feeling a shopping trip is needed.

Gee x

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